Should I?

  1. So I've exhausted my options of finding an inferno at a store and now I'm eyeing an inferno dolce on eBay with perfect placement (has the devil roasting the weiner) for $129.99 USD. Is that a good price?

    Also, do you think the Dolce is too big to use as a cosmetics bag for a bigger bag (like a Speedy 25)? For those who know LV, is it bigger than a LV pochette? I think its wider.

    If its too big for a cosmetics bag, do you think I'm too old to carry an inferno dolce at 27? I don't want to look like I'm carrying a little girl's bag. :push:

    Only 12 hours left in the auction! Help! :nuts:
  2. I don't think 27 is too old for any Toki, Inferno or otherwise. I have amassed a large collection, and I'm 25, only 2 years younger.
  3. wow.. that is really expensive. they retail for like 80 i think? you should try getting a caramella if you want a cosmetics bag.
  4. the dolce is an armpit it depends if that is comfy to you.

    as for it being a makeup pouch it would work fine but the strap would get on my nerves using it for that function at least. I use a bocce for a makeup bag when traveling in a trenino...but i'm also a big bag person and just have a caramella i use in all bags for my makeup...

    if you go to the lss website you can get the dolce measurements to see if you think it'd be too big for your LV or not..i think it'd be be fine personally.
  5. You're not too old...Tokidoki appeals to EVERYONE, all of uus on here are ALL ages.

    as for the dolce, i'd go for a caramella for a cosmetics bag, thats whats i use and it's perfect, also 129.99 is WAY over retail, like $50

    edited to add: the SH outlet has inferno bocces for 40% off which would also make a great makeup bag
  6. I wanna travel in a trenino too!! Hehehe. :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: hahahaha thats tooo funny
  8. Oh, so you all think its expensive. But the Caramella on eBay that has the placement I want is $125 USD :push: which is even more over retail so I thought why not just pay $5 more and get a bag!
  9. Wouldn't the straps of the bocce get in the way even more?
  10. The nice thing about the Bocce is that it has the two straps, so you can easily pull them apart to get to what's inside. The Dolce only has the one, and I find it can get in the way sometimes when it is heavily loaded.
  11. :O wow which caramella on eBay are you looking at?
  12. Don't worry. I'm 48 and I've just ordered a dolce in Trasporto from LeSportsac for US$80 + $8.50 shipping. Actually I wanted a ciao but it's sold out. The dolce is my second choice. I can use it either as a purse or an accessory bag.:smile:
  13. I didn't know you were 48! Cool! :nuts: And you own an Azur Saleya PM! :yahoo:
  14. Just for reference, the Caramella US retail is $68 (same as Denaro) and $83 in Hawaii