Should I?

  1. So far I don't any Burberry items, but my sister in law is visiting from hong kong and has this nice bag that I've never seen before.

    Its only available in asia, and she said that if I really want one she could get one for me, and my mom could bring it back for me when she goes to hong kong in September!

    Heres a pic of the bag:

    And me wearing it:

    Its really nice but I don't know if I need another bag.
  2. It's nice- personally I prefer it it in brown but I'm not too schwacked on it either way.
  3. Personally, it's not my cup of tea...

    Is it a Blue Label Burberry?
  4. :yes:
  5. I think it's cute!!! If you like it, why not?!
  6. The bag itself is very cute, but if you aren't sure about buying it, don't! You can save the money for something else you need more.
  7. I think the bag is super cute, but I prefer the novacheck style!
  8. It is a really cute bag.
  9. I love it! Maybe because it's pink. :p
  10. Yes, it is a Blue Label Burberry. It is pretty cute! It looks nice on you and it's a good size!
  11. You should keep ot
    ypu should kep it
  12. This thread just for resurrected after over 10 years! :shocked:
  13. such a cute pink bag :heart: id prefer the classic colour but pink stands out for sure !