Should i?

  1. Im currently into everything LV,but thinking about cheating to buy a chanel with some money im coming into from As results.
    Any ideas for a first bag? Including prices too please.:smile:
    Oh and if it helps im17 and female.
  2. I would recommend either an east/west flap in caviar leather(which is $1395 right now) but keeping in mind that this bag is on the small side.....or the PST (Petite Shopping Tote), which is currently $1250 and can hold alot. The PST is a little more casual and is an everyday bag. Right now, these two bags I think are the best bang for the buck for a Chanel. I am personally going to buy more of these bags in different colors before the price increase.
  3. What colours is the PST in? Sounds like it would be more suitable.
  4. Right now I've seen the PST in black with gold or silver h/w, beige with gold h/w, white with silver h/w (although haven't seen them in awhile), drk brown with silver h/w. My particular Saks has a red lambskin with silver h/w. Your best bet is either black or beige so it depends on what type of clothing you have more of.
  5. I was never into flaps until recently (always thought they were dowdy) and I now think a classic flap on a young person is quite adorable. You can find a whole rainbow of variations on the flap (and prices) in the reference section. Perhaps one would suit your style?
  6. i really think the pst in brown is great. again, it really depends on your closet and what you wear. i would go for a black chanel (black pst, black e/w, etc) as a first bag though... it's classic and timeless...
  7. PST will probably suit you well and it makes a great everyday bag.
  8. another vote for the pst!
  9. jen0575 i love your bubble quilt bowler (in your avatar)! i got the flap in dark brown... yummmmmy!

    and katy, how much stuff are you going to put in? is it for everyday? or just for going out?
  10. Medium Flap! :biggrin: