should i..?

  1. get a bambinone or a gioco? I have two giocos and love them, they are the perfect size... but the bambinone style is really cute and I wonder if sometimes I might like to carry something smaller.. plus bambinone is cheaper..... Is bambinone really AS small as it looks? Everyone seems to say it is surprisingly bigger than you think...... opinions?? I want to call SH tomorrow... I got a not-so friendly email from them today... they must be busy.. hrm...
  2. I say go for the Bambinone. I like having different styles for my different moods. :yes: What print are you getting??

  3. Yes, I agree! I thought I should try a different cut since I have two giocos.... And Adios Star :smile:
  4. Just be aware that sometimes the zippers get caught on the middle piece of fabric. It has only happened to me a couple of times with my bambinone, but it was pain to get it loose when it did. Otherwise I do like the style and it does a lot more than you would think.
  5. ^__^ adios star bambinones are cute! you should definitely get one.
  6. I'm sorry.. I forgot I even posted that other one :sad:
    But I use the search function a lot, I guess I'm afraid no one will read older posts sometimes. But thank you for the help :yes:
  7. i :heart: my gioco, but if you already have two, then i say go for it with the bambinone! i've been lusting after a pirata bambinone, but i think when i have a little more $$ i'm going to get a pirata campeggio from the outlet instead.
  8. I have a bambinone and I :heart: it. It looks so small but it fits so much stuff and I carry A LOT of stuff.

    I liked it so much the first time I used it that it made me want to buy another :biggrin:
  9. I think you should go for the new style!! :]
  10. variety is good.. i liked my bambinone a lot when i carried it. it was small but held everything i wanted it to.
  11. I agree. Some day, you just carry less stuff, ya know? only prob sometimes the print gets cut off :sad:I only have a bambione in spiaggia and I lucked out and the characters I wanted:tup:
  12. I don't like the bambione. I think it looks weird. I don't like the long strap on it.
  13. I love both. But since you already have 2 giocos, get the bambinone. The strap you can shorten and just use it as a shoulder bag or make it long and sling it diagonally. I use mine ALL the time.
  14. Bambinone! I have 4 and :heart: them.