Should I....?

  1. ....put my Citta Gioco on eBay?
    I feel so guilty now that I bought an Inferno Gioco, too.
    Does anyone feel weird about buying used Tokis?
    Is "Want to Sell" like using eBay and how do I get permission to post there?

    I wouldn't even know what I ought to sell a used one for....

    Hope this kind of post is allowed.. :push:
  2. rad, what does your inferno gioco look like???

    inferno giocos are my favorite!
  3. oh and you shouldn't put your citta gioco up on eBay. you will learn to live with your guilt. if you sell it you'll feel like crap about not having it later.
  4. What are you talking about "want to sell" do you mean this forum's MARKETPLACE thingie?
  5. How come? because you don't want to have two bags in the same style, or because you don't love it anymore? If you don't see a reason for having it anymore, than sure, eBay it. usually they go under retail from what i've seen[except certain tan playground auctions], but otherwise, i don't see a reason to sell it. What's wrong with having two Giocos? :biggrin: Then again, I have a Citta Gioco i've yet to use..

    Also, congrats on the Inferno! :smile:
  6. Only you can decide if you want to sell it. Whether it's a money shortage, or not wanting to have too much clutter, or just not liking it anymore... that's all up to you. - I've personally never sold anything. I only buy what I can afford and I'd probably only sell stuff if I found myself in a desperate situation. - But then again, there are lots of gals, on all these forums, that regularly buy & sell to rotate their collections. - It's gotta be an individual choice. But give it some thought first, so you don't regret getting rid of it.
  7. Hyper Ballad - What did you decide to do with your bag? Did you sell it or are you keeping it? :graucho: If you still have it I say keep it. :tup:
  8. Jen- I didn't sell my citta, though my boyfriend would like me to-- I no longer plan on it :sad: Tokidokis are too precious to get rid of just like that. He thinks I won't inter-change the bags now that I have my inferno and am in love with it. But how can I sell the first Toki I ever bought and obsessed over? I love the little guy on his cell phone and the happy flying airplanes.

    I'll post pics soon! :smile:
  9. :tup::tup: I think you made the right choice. I was thinking of selling some of my bags and my BF knocked some sense into me. :lecture: He told me that there's no way I should sell anything because I'd have him buying me the ones I sold for double the amount I sold it for. :nuts: I'm sure he's right too!!
  10. I always regret it later when I sell stuff, so I wouldnt
  11. there's a minimum to get into our Marketplaza, one of them is at least 500 posts.
    You guys can ask if you should sell something, but please don't post photos, give lots of condition detail or anything, then it starts to seem like you're soliciting offers.
    We're VERY strict about that, members are banned for buying or selling, even in PMs.
    {not that you are, just putting it out there! ;)}