Should I?

  1. Hey everyone, again!

    Im stuck! I recently saved up to 2500 to purchase a MC speedy, it took me half a year to save that much. However, at school we organized a Darfur fundraiser, and something hit me, I donated all my money I had saved myself to the fundrasier.

    Now, Im back to saving up for my next purchase. Therefore Im asking if I should sell one of my bags.

    I dont have that many bags, but I have 2 monogram speedies, a 25 and a 30. My favorite is the 30, should I sell the 25. That could get me around 430-460 dollars!

    Thanks guys! :heart:
  2. Wow --- you have a generous soul! You are to be commended for doing such a wonderful act of love and caring. :woohoo:

    If you no longer need the Speedy 25 and would like to jump-start your savings program again, I think it's a good idea to sell it. Good luck!!
  3. That was very nice of you, Sophia. We need more people like you in this world. You'll be blessed even more girl:yes::flowers:
  4. Bless you.

    I would get rid of the one you don't use the most and go from there.
  5. What a generous thing to do!!! I agree, sell the 25 if you don't use it much. Not many people would have done what you did and I think you will be blessed tremendously - I bet your money will be saved up quick!!!!

  6. ITA!

    I would sell the one you don't use at all, especially if you do have another mono speedy.
  7. I would sell the one who dont use at all.. !!
  8. I agree as well.. you don't need 2 mono speedies, sell the one you use the least. Hugs and thanks for your contribution. We sponsor St. Judes every year and any charity is such a worthy cause.

    You are definitely blessed. :heart:
  9. That was a very thoughtful gesture!
    I would sell the mono 25 speedy if you really don't use it.
  10. I would definitely sell the mono speedy 25 to someone who will love it and use it frequently. It will help with your LV fund tremendously.
  11. Sophia, you are so sweet and generous!! Good for you!!
  12. Indeed that was very nice of you to help others. I agree with the other pfers. You are bless, Sophia.
  13. You are so awesome!I recently was moved to sponser a child when another PF member said they were on a ban because they were sponsering two children. I love to see all this compassion from our members.
  14. props to u for being so kind hearted!

    i would definitely sell the 25!
  15. Wow!!! Wonderful thing you did there!!!!! Your totally putting me to shame....

    I say defiently sell the 25 if you need to....what a sweetheart you are....bless you!!!!!!:tup::okay: