Should I?

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  1. What are your thoughts on a Damier looping GM special order? Im seriously contemplating this and could use your expertise, likes and dislikes!;)
  2. I saw one on eBay, and I thought it looked really cool! I think a couple MPRS sold a few of these...

    Have you ever had a looping before? I love the size and look of the Looping GM, but one of my misgivings is that the rolled handle seems to be painful, esp. if you put a lot inside...

    But if you like the looping, why not? A special order would make it very unique! :yes:
  3. Well, I think it would be really cool. But, how about a GM Saleya in the Damier?
  4. I'm def feeling the damier line more than the mono these days. I don't think you can go wrong ever with damier.
  5. Thanks ladies!
    Yes I do love the azur Saleya but I figured since I already have the azur speedy 30 I'd try a regular damier piece. Im really liking it alot!
  6. In Hawaii, I saw a MM in Damier on was TDF :drool:
  7. I think it would look cute
  8. Loves it ! It seems like a perfect work bag, not too large and more subtile than a monogram bag ! :yes:
  9. yes! get it!
    but make sure you loooove the style!
  10. I know a local owner of a Salon that had this SOed...
    and it looks awesome but the rolled straps did give her kept sliding off her shoulder in the beginning....try the Mono and really see if its comfortable for you....

  11. Yes, I have heard several people that havent cared for the rolled handle but fortunately I owned a mini looping with the same handle and it worked out really well. I think I just might have to take the plunge!!:nuts:
  12. I think it would look GREAT... I say go for it! :biggrin: