Should I xhange ergo pleated satchel for new madison shoulder bag?

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  1. HI,

    I picked up a brown ergo pleated satchel at the outlets last month for 248. Keep in mind I do have a brown leather Carly (large) and brown legacy sig shoulder bag (07). Now I really like the new madison shoulder bag b/c it's versatile (the whole convertible strap thing). I'm trying to be cash conscious these days and don't want to buy too many bags at once, what to do??
  2. I would exchange for the Madison shoulder bag; I think it is gorgeous.
  3. I personally prefer the Madison over the ergo satchel, though I have neither. Just going off which I think would be most comfortable to use (and I also prefer bags that my stuff is zipped in.
  4. The madison is way more comfortable than the pleated ergo hobo. I have my ergo now for almost a week, and it's getting a bit annoying with the two thick handles... I also have a madison shoulder bag which i compare to my carly, bkz you just "throw it on" and it stays there :smile: The madison is more comfortable, the ergo looks good (at least i like the look of patent leather)
  5. Well, Ive only seen the Madison shoulder bag online, and while its probably one of the few new Coach bags that I would be interested in, I would still choose a pleated satchel over the shoulder bag. I think its one of their prettiest shapes, I love the little kisslock center, and it just looks totally different than any other Coach bag that I am familiar with.
  6. For sure the Madison. :tup:
  7. I would keep the Ergo Pleated Satchel. I saw the Madison Shoulder bag at Holts last week and did not like it at all. The long strap IMO made it look like I was a little girl using my mom's bag and the shorter strap was just too short for my liking. I think you should check it out first before making the decision to exchange your Ergo Pleated Satchel.
  8. i like the pleated ergo more than the madison hobo. i think the ergo satchel looks very feminine.
  9. I'd probably pick the Madison!
  10. I bought a brown ergo pleated stachel at the outlet today for $160.00...earlier this week I paid $220.00. So, I took it back and got the difference. Maybe this will help you make your mind up , if you can get it cheaper. If you still have the tags and receipts maybe you could return it and get the cheaper one.
  11. I saw that bag at the boutique today. And I loved it! If I could buy a new bag it would be that one. I really liked the "Sparkly Leather" (is how the manager put it) and the hardware. If you dont love the ergo, take it back and get something you do love. Thats what I would do. Good Luck!!
  12. I've never been a huge fan of the ergo satchel, so I say go with the Madison. I personally like the single shoulder strap (I always have problems with double shoulder straps slipping off my shoulder) and like the full zipper aspect of the Madison.
  13. Madison gets my vote. My new Madison came 2 days ago and i am in love. Love it. Its perfect. Mine is style #13252 in khaki/choc. Its gorgy. I will try to put up pics tomorrow some time ladies.
  14. Never liked the Ergo Satchel, either. Go get the Madison!
  15. Not really a fan of the Madison shoulder bag, so I'd go for the Ergo satchel.