should i worry?

  1. okay. i'm about 99% sure the responses i get will be to go to my doctor/gyno...but no insurance means that is pretty much out of the question. i'm just hoping someone might have insight. so here goes...

    back in december, i skipped a period. i assumed it was stress from finals and figured it was no big deal. in january, when i would normally have my period, i had maybe 2 days of really light bleeding. then two weeks later, i had what i assumed what my regular period, just later in the month. and now i've been bleeding for two weeks, generally around the time i normally would- nothing heavy, but just enough that it's annoying and starting to seem like a long time (this has never happened before). no cramps, no sort of pains. and i'm not on bc anymore, not sexually active.

    so what gives? should i be worried about this?
  2. How long ago did you stop bc?
    I don't really have any advice but you should probably see a doc about this! I know you said you don't have insurance but you could see someone at Planned Parenthood or look for a free clinic.
    A few years ago, when I was without insurance, my gp had a sliding fee scale based on income and that helped me a lot.
    In general, it's probably nothing, but you don't want to mess around with your health. Good luck to you!
  3. oh gosh, i stopped bc awhile ago. the only reason i'm remotely worried is because i stopped becaus i got a blood clot- so anything with blood now freaks me out and probably makes me unbelievably paranoid.
  4. Planned Parenthood is a good idea, or are there any clinics with sliding scale fees? It could be due to so many different things, you'll be better off not waiting long to see someone.

    Good luck, Katherine.
  5. i hadn't even though about planned parenthood for something like this. i'm sure i can head into atlanta and find a place.

    thanks guys.
  6. I went to PP for a while when I didn't have health insurance. In my opinion they treated me better than when I went to a "regular" ob/gyn! In fact, I liked them so much that I continued to see them after I got insurance again.
  7. oh wow, really? i really don't like my regular gyno...i'm uncomfortable as-is about all of it, and she just doesn't help the situation. but i guess i never thought about PP for anything other than bc or something.
  8. Yep, I've found that the staff at PP are definitely friendlier and more accommodating than "regular" doctor's offices. It's probably because they are often dealing with people in stressful situations -- people without insurance, teens with unplanned pregnancies, etc. I've found that their bedside manner far exceeds that from my other doctors.
  9. I have had all kinds of issues with irregular periods all my life. I have PCOS and it's normal for me though.
  10. Thinking about you, Katherine. Good luck!
  11. I agree, Planned Parenthood is awesome.
  12. Another idea of Planned parenthood...they are so nice and helpful (and cost effective)
  13. thanks again, you guys. i'm trying to find a time when i can actually go...but between work and school, it's proving difficult. (and i'm half hoping all this resolves itself on its own...)