should I...what do you think?

  1. My SA just called. She has located a 30cm clemance in etoupe. Now, the only reason I hesitate. I haven't seen a person...that is all of this color. And, she said it would be a final sale. What if the color isn't right for me when I get it. Any thoughts? For reference...I'm blonde, blue eyes, fair skin. I've got a daughter, that's starting her senior year of high school... Thanks!
  2. can't you get a store credit worst case?

    I love that bag. do you love etoupe?
  3. Etoupe in Clemence is a lovely dark grey-ish color. How do you do with grey's?
  4. Good question. I should have asked. I was just dumb-founded when she said final sale. I thought...if it's a new bag...why?
  5. I like to wear gray. The only other really neutral H bag I have is gold. Two completely different colors? If I could see it in would be so easy.
  6. I agree. The worst case senario, they should give you a store credit if you decide to return the bag. It shouldn't be a final sale:confused1:!

    Etoup is a good neutral color. Do you like that color? Have you seen etoup in real life even in different items (like other bags, small leather good...etc)?
  7. GM, I've only had experience with etoupe in Swift it has a pinkish beige-ish undertone. I'm also blonde and had no problem with Etoupe. I don't remember if I took any pics of this bag......but, if I did, I'll post them for you.
  8. My problem is...I've never seen it...except in toile combo...and then it was in swift. I am thinking that on Clemance it's going to look so different. I am really shocked that it's final sale.
  9. OK, here I am with etoupe....I'm just about 5'5"... as for looking different on clemence, it might...but, I'm thinking that both swift and clemence are soft leathers and would there be that much difference, say, as compared to a stiffer leather like VL or Epsom?

    I'm wearing a medium dark denim dress.....

  10. can you call and ask her to clarify?

    i am not a fan of etoupe myself. it looks like a brownish- cementy grey color to me irl. i believe i have only seen it in togo or clemence. i do however think it would work on blonds and i know many people love it.
  11. Gorgeous on you. Thanks for the picture. I think I'm going to go in, and look at the color swatches...and ask...if I don't love it, can it be returned for a store credit. If the answer is no, then it isn't meant to be.
  12. Oh, my!!! That Birkin looks really BEAUTIFUL and CLASSY on you~!:heart:
  13. [​IMG]

    Pic isn't that clear but it gives an idea of the pinkish undertone I spoke of.
  14. It's a beautiful color.....deep and rich in Clemence. If you already wear grey's well, then this bag should work beautifully!
  15. Ladies, thank you!

    Golden, I feel that that is a good idea:yes: