Should I wear this for NYE?

  1. I would wear it with pearls and black tights like the 2nd model.
    THANKS. =) :heart:
  2. It's cute. I like it. Depending on what you're doing, you may have to be very careful about the light colored material.
  3. Yes, I bought this dress and I am wearing it on NYE! :smile: It looks so cute IRL. I can upload a picture if you would like!
  4. How friggin cute, I love it!
  5. Yeah that would be great. Does it fit TTS and What size did you get? I can't decide if I should get the P or S.
  6. Sorry for the bad picture, I was in the dressing room and all I had was the camera on my phone!


    I think it's pretty TTS - I'm normally a small and this is a small. I'm 5'2, so it's longer on me than on the models in the stock pictures, LOL!

    What shoes are you thinking about pairing it with? I can't decide!
  7. I like the dress, really cute! :tup:

    Pair it with a simple black clutch maybe and do you own any black CLs?
  8. You look adorable in the dress. You should definitely wear it on NYE. I agree with priiin. A black clutch and black CLs or nice black pumps would be perfect.
  9. Thanks priiin and Leelee!!

    Would something like this work?


    And maybe a black Laura Merkin clutch?

    I'm sorry Katerina for butting into your thread!!! :shame:
  10. Too cute Lanier!
    Now I think it might be too long for me though because I'm 5'0.:confused1: But yess I was also planning on wearing it with shoes like those cl's if I get it.
  11. ^^ Yeah, those would work. I'm thinking either shoes like that or open toe pumps?
  12. That dress is beautiful! I love it!!!! :girlsigh:
  13. I think that dress with black tights would be absolutely stunning! I love that combo!
  14. I LOVE that dress, its adorable! Depending on what you do on NYE it could definitely work.
  15. Def! This dress is so cute!