should i waterproof my prada deerskin hobo?

  1. with a spray waterproofer or something? I live in a place where the weather changes fast with rain/snow/etc. and I would hate to ruin the leather because of a weather mishap one day...

    your thoughts..?
  2. Mine came treated with something or the other. The times I've gotten splashes of rain on it, the drops bead up and are easily wiped off. That's not to say I'd advise running through the rain without an umbrella, but this particular bag is pretty durable. Your best policy though is to keep an umbrella nearby (one in your car, one in your house and one in your office if you work outside the home). I've got umbrellas EVERYWHERE and they are more for the protection of my handbags than me. :greengrin:
  3. It's funny--one of my Prada bags is the bag I use when it does rain because it's so indestructible. The only Prada bag I've treated--with Apple Garde--is my rose frame bag because i worried about the fabric.
  4. Ive NEVER EVER treated my Prada bags.They are invincible...IMHO..LMAO!
  5. why are you LMAO? i don't see anything funny about being concerned over destroying a $1400 bag