Should I waitlist for a 'light red' lambskin with light gold hardware??

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  1. I so regret being missing from this Chanel forum during the 'red' releases! If I knew back then I probably would have got a red one by now!!!! I hear that in March they will be releasing a classic light red lamb but with light gold hardware?
    I do prefer silver hardware, not really a fan of gold, but she did say it will be light gold...? I dunno...what if they release another red this year or will they?
    Or will i need to wait another 2 years till they'd be one with shw? ummm....:confused1:
  2. I think red matches gold hw perfectly !

    Am a gold hw fan any way :P
  3. Well, you can always wait list and decide when you see the bag. I'd be weary, because light red could actually mean coral... I have a coral bag from '06 (also with light gold h/w) and Chanel calls it "light red" so really, who knows. :nuts:
  4. Really!? If only Chanel's do colour swatches!! That way no one would buy a wrong colour in the wrong name!

    How about Paris stock? Does anyone reckon they may still have some left over there?!
  5. And subject like but what does the 'OP' stand for next to me name anyone?! :biggrin:
  6. Hi, OP stands for Original Poster, or thread starter :smile:
  7. OHHHHHH haha ta!
  8. It depends if you love silver hardware of red lambskin more. If you never wear goldharware and really like it than I say don't go for it, though I think red and gold is a divine combo, because you won't be happy w/ the purse. But, I think you should put your name on the wait list just in case if you fall in love with or something, KWIM? Because, you really never know until you see it in person.
  9. I doubt that they do since red is a beloved Chanel color, only second to black and maybe beige. But, it doesn't hurt to call them and see if they have any left.
  10. I'm a big fan of red and gold =)
  11. I think if you prefer SHW you should wait for it. Or get the GHW in the meantime to satiate your craving for red!

    Btw, are you letting your purple reissue go? Also, is this light red for 2010 fall???
  12. I would wait for SH if that's what you really like. I wouldn't settle bc then you will always be unhappy!!!
  13. Hey Jaded! The light red is coming out in April apparently! And yes i am still thinking about selling my purple!
  14. red/gold is stunning!
  15. I also prefer Red with SHW, more modern and bright!
    I'm with fieryfashionist, light red sounds like coral to me. I don't usually recommend ebay but it seems like its the only avenue, to score a 10C Red so late in the game.