Should I wait?

  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm saving up for my first Chanel which I'm so excited about:graucho: I want to get the large ligne cambon tote in black on black patent. I called the boutique and they said they were sold out, but the really nice SA took my number and said she would call me when they get more in stock, they are just waiting for a shipment from Paris but doesn't know when that will be.
    The retail is $1650 Canadian plus tax. I sometimes see this bag pop up on eBay, and I saw the one I want go for $1,200 US once.
    So my question is: Should I wait for the boutique to call me, whenever that may be, and pay full price but get an amazing first-time boutique experience, or should I wait until I see one on eBay and pay less?

    I'm so torn!

    Thanks for listening!:heart:
  2. If you can save some money by buying on eBay (after verifying authenticity and having confidence in the seller) I say why not!
  3. I agree! Try to save $$ when you can.
  4. I'd wait for the boutique to call.
  5. Hmm..that's a tough one. I think everyone needs to experience what it's like to have a fun trip to the Chanel boutique at least one in their lives. However, if the time isn't right for you and you just can't wait, why not save some dough and get an ebay bag. But just make sure you post the listing in the "Authenticate This Chanel" thread first. You'll have some peace of mind that way. Either way, good luck! :smile:
  6. Thanks guys for the advice....and I still don't know what to do:rolleyes:
    I think I'll keep looking on ebay, and if a brand new one comes up, ill bid on it (but not before getting it authenticated here of course!) However if Chanel calls me first, I might take the plunge and buy it retail. I've always wanted to experience Chanel service, it sounds like so much fun:yes:
  7. If you can get it faster and save money by getting it on ebay, I would do it.
  8. i have bought several chanel bags on ebay but the cambon line is one that would make me nervous -- there are so many fakes!
  9. ^I agree. I've seen some HORRIBLE cambon fakes, but I'm sure by now they have higher quality replicas. eBay makes me nervous when spending that much amount of money. Definitely post the link in the "Authenticate This" thread so the lovely ladies here can take a look.
  10. If this is a bag that you are going to carry daily, my take is get an authentic one off ebay at a lower price. You won't be as anal about not using it due to the ever lurking fear factor. The money you save can be put towards the second bag, a new one that perhaps you would use for more special occasions. If you can't wait and the SA calls, be ready to fly on wings to get your new purse. Then you'll experience the fear of using your new bag. Either way it goes, enjoy the experience and please keep us posted!!
  11. missisa07- You're right about there being scary replicas on ebay. I've seen some very good fakes that could easily fool some people unless you look closely.

    jmen- That's a good idea about using the money I could save for a second bag:tup:

    I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I hear something back from the SA or I find a good deal on ebay!
  12. I have bought almost all my LV's off of ebay and have been so happy as I get authentic ones and save $$$. For Chanel I was lucky and was able to buy new, but I have wanted a few styles I couldn't afford to pay retail or find, so I bought me, if its authentic, people take very good care of their bags, and its almost just like new and you get extra money to buy something else
  13. Actually for a first time Chanel experience I would buy from the boutique. So I would wait. Since this bag is hard to get, I would look at the new collection or wait another season for another TDF bag to come allong.
    But that's my opinion.
  14. If you can't wait to get your first Chanel, the first option should be ebay. But if you want that Chanel Boutique experience, I'd say wait and save. :smile:
  15. I would go to the boutique. There is such a high risk of it being fake on ebay. And if it is a wanted bag, you won't save so much on ebay that it is worth the risk. If you would like to sell it sometime, you have all the extras and the receipt to sell it for a worthy price. Good luck and keep us updated!