Should I wait to get a Mattie or get it now ??????


Mar 25, 2008
Hello :smile:,

I'd really appreciate your opinions as most of you seem to be experts on Kooba bags and I am absolutely clueless.

The dilemma is as follows:

I really really want a black Mattie bag but almost can't afford it. I can pay about 2/3 of it's price but if I was to get a brand new bag from a store - I'd either have to dip into my college money or eat those noodle soups in a cup for a month.:lol:

The only two stores that seem to have it are NM and ShopBop. So my questions are:

1. Does anyone know how often those two seem to have sales on bags, once a year, or maybe once every six months ? I never shoppped from them before so I wouldn't know.

2. Is it wise to wait ? I mean do Kooba bags usually end up on ebay after a while ?

If so how long after the new collection has been released do they usually end up on e-bay ?

3. What would you do in my situation ? I mean would you buy our dream bag and completely exhaust all your finances or wait hoping you'll find it somewhere cheaper ?

Please post your opinion as I really have no one else to ask:heart::love:.

Also I feel really embarrassed posting this - I hope no one makes fun of my pathetic financial situation. :sweatdrop:

I mentioned before that the reason I am soor poor right now is because besides being a full time student I volunteer full time and work with kids from underpriviledged backgrounds. I really like my job even if it means I don't get paid and have no income to buy the bag I want. :shame::smile:


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I searched all over but no codes for a Mattie. I would wait. All of these bags will be available on sale soon enough either on Ebay or one of the online shops. Not everyone loves all of the Spring bags so I bet you will see some reductions soon enough. I bet you could save at leat 200 bucks. I'd Chill for awhile and keep a close eye out and you'll get one...and you won't have to break the bank.

Most all people in the Kooba forum are nice people. I can't imagine anyone "making fun" of your financial situation. If you read through the posts, you will find many threads on how we rob Peter to Pay Paul in order to get a bag, hide our indescetions from our loves ones, or basically throw caution to the wind and CHARGE IT! LOL Your bank balance has no bearing on your standing with us! :biggrin:


Sep 21, 2007
I agree w/ Lexie. That bag should be on sale soon enough. I see that Saks already had it on sale in a lighter shade than you want. I think you could wait and find at least $200 off, if not in the neighborhood of $300 or more. Just keeping checking the board for sales and codes for the shops, as well as keep an eye out for where the bag is so you can grab it if you see it. I'd start to look on e-bay too.

Nobody will make fun of you for financial reasons! I am a strong believer that you should not buy anything unless you can afford to pay for it in cash or at the end of you credit card cycle in full. Don't start going over your limit and get yourself into debt over accessories- not worth it! What you are doing is very smart. :woohoo:


Nov 12, 2007
San Jose, CA
I was going to say that I saw it on sales at Saks too with 20% off in a light color as well. You'll probably find a good deal later in the color you want. I would suggest wait so you wouldn't be stressed out.

It's wonderful you volunteer to work with children. I did so too in college. It's so rewarding! :tup:


I Want That Bag
Aug 5, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Hello C! Definitely wait it out... either your bag will go on sale or you'll find it on eBay sooner or later. There's not too many of us who pay full retail for our bags, and it certainly makes it a sweeter purchase when you can say you waited patiently and found it for 1/2 off. ;)

Besides, if you wait it out a little that will leave you some room in case your tastes change and something better comes along. If you do decide to pay retail for it, just remember that you'll never be able to resell it for anywhere close to that amount. Most of the time with Koobas you're lucky to get 50% of the original retail... and only the very sought-after models command around 70%.

Let us know what you decide!


May 20, 2007
C, definitely wait it out. The price will come down, but just remember, if you see any on eBay, make sure you get them authenticated here on TPF first. We're a good bunch and there are lots of experienced people who can give you the thumbs up or thumbs down. Also, check back here often, just in case someone has posted a good deal.

No need to eat noodle soup, we can maintain your salmon (or otherwise) lifestyle.


Feb 4, 2007
Don't ever pay retail for a bag!!! This is my number 1 rule for buying bags. Whether you can afford it or not is not the issue. There are very few bags that I would pay retail for. Especially not the bags that eventually go on sale or pop up on ebay. And Kooba always does.


Sep 21, 2007
Did you see these yet?

ShopBop Tax Breaks/Discount Codes!

enter: TaxBreak08

$25 off $150
$50 off $250
$100 off $500
$150 off $750

I don't know if this gets the bag in your range or not, but in case it does, FYI!


Sep 8, 2006
Wait, wait, wait!

And what have you got to be embarrassed about??? You're getting your education and giving back to the community!!

Most of us have just normal financial situations, so we have to weal and deal, scrape and save and do whatever we can do get hold of our precious bags, LOL

We'll keep an eye out for you on deals on that Mattie, you should be able to save a few hundred...