Should I wait till the gladiators I want go on sale?

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  1. Hi all, I kinda have an eye on a pair of orange patent leather gladiators from the s/s precollection, but I cannot tell myself to spend almost $600 on a pair of flat sandals. And I know seasonal shoes usually go on sale. Should I wait and try my luck? I like the sandals, just not enough to spend that much on them now.
  2. I'd wait. The fact that they're orange may help, as I don't think alot of people can pull that color off.
  3. This time of the year is so hard for me. I've seen a few springs things I want... and I'm thinking I should gamble that they might go on sale soon. But it really is a gamble, isn't it?

    I think that orange patent leather gladiators may still be around... in a few weeks. It's not easy to wait, is it? :confused1:
  4. Having a good SA that will watch out for you may help in securing them if/when they go on sale.
  5. actually i just come back from chanel and I tried the red/orange patent but do not like them....i found a even more expensive pair (black suede) flat sandals I just LOVE!!! BUT I cannot tell myself to spend $700 on way.....I have to wait....i really think flat sandals with that price tag should not be that popular.....I am willing to gamble and wait till next month!
  6. I envy u gals..flat sandals from country bring in "funny" style shoes/sandal...the one I like most...python skin double cc..this one & only boutique here did not "bother" to bring it in:sad: stks & design..maybe Chanel not interested in doing biz here???
    always landed up buying other brands..lots of Gucci sandals (should stop buying the same old brand..sigh..)..hogan...preferably those made in italy...:Pso comfy
  7. Wait...sandals are just sandals...
  8. I would def wait!! 700 flat I'm starting to get used to chanel pricing I will have to get used to this one!
  9. I know the exact pair you are talking about. I'm in love with them too (but the ones I covet are red) but am exercising restraint until sales hit. I can't justify that price for sandals either...
  10. +1, if you can pull off orange, i don't think it's going to be a big deal when you wear them.
  11. Definitely wait. Sale season is so much fun. Even if you don't get that exact pair, there will be a whole lot of other cute stuff to distract you!
  12. oh no, I don't want that orange pair anymore, I want the black suede pair instead!!
  13. yea, i tried the red one too!! but i think black suites me better, but the red one is gorgeous too. lets hope that we can both get the pair we want during sale!!
  14. Hey hikarupanda! Where did you see the flat sandals? Because pre-sale starts at Saks on Wednesday for 5/30 First Cut sale...:nuts:
  15. hey, so pre-sale starts on 5/30 at Saks?

    I saw the flat sandals at the boutique and Bloomies too.