Should I Wait Or Go For It?

  1. Hi guys. I really want to buy a coach bag that I like but the thing is...I am going to the states shopping in a couple weeks to outlet malls that I know have coach outlets. Should I buy the bag? Or should I wait & have a look around at the outlets first...:confused1:
  2. My opinion you should wait, the outlets have a lot of stuff and I am preety sure you would find something you like:smile:
  3. I say you should wait too, you might be able to find the bag at the outlet. I'm not sure where in Canada you are or which outlet you're going to, but just a word of warning in case you go to Seattle Premium Outlet, the Coach store there doesn't stock Signature items, they reserve that for the Burlington outlets or the North Bend outlets in the state.
  4. I live in Hamilton (near Toronto). I'm going to Erie, PA to the Grove City Outlet mall.
  5. wait wait wait! outlets can have great deals, you never know! and with the money you save, you could purchase more! :biggrin: have fun, be sure to post pics of you do purchase anything!
  6. Wait and see what they have in the outlets, worst case scenario you have to buy it on eBay when you get back.. It is a win-win situation!
  7. Where is this Coach bag that you're wanting to buy and which one is it? If you have the funds available, I would buy the bag and hold onto the receipt. Then if you find better things at the outlet, return the first bag. If you don't, then at least you have the first bag. Now, if you're getting the bag on-line, I'd say hold off because if you returned the bag you'd lose out on shipping.
    This is the one that I want to buy in black. I'm going to order it offline. But yes, I don't want to lose out on shipping so I might wait. One time I went to a Coach outlet & saw that bag (except a bit smaller) for $150, so who knows, they might have this one.
  9. Definitely wait. Our outlet just got lots of new stuff in, including the Holiday 06 patchwork and it also still has Ergos, and even some new legacy stuff (just a couple here and there).....
  10. I agree with the ladies. You should wait and see. I've seen Carlys at the outlets so you might find one. If you don't you can still order it online.
  11. I agree. I say wait for the outlets. I'm sure your store will still have the carly's by the time you get back. And with the Canadian dollar so high right now, it would be waaaaay worth it to buy it in the states. Good luck!
  12. I'd say wait on this one until after your Outlet trek. I doubt this one is in danger of running out of stock (you could always give JAX a call to make sure). That would be the only reason I would say not to wait. Good luck at the outlets!
  13. Does Coach ship to Canada?:shrugs:
  14. I think you should see if there's anything good at the outlets first! The exchange rate is excellent, so take advantage of this!
  15. Have lots of fun at the outlets. There are some great deals to be found, but my advice to you is if you see something you like, grab it and don't put it down, because someone may just be behind you waiting for you to pass it up. :okay: