Should i wait or get it ? Help please

  1. Hi everybody . I just joined :smile: and have a question.

    Is it cheaper to get the LV purse in France than getting in the states? I will be in France for Christmas and cant decide whether i should wait or not. :sad:

  2. yes much much cheaper, are you in the states? im in australia and lv here is on eof the highest markup prices (speedys are about $900) i bought a carryall, a perfo cles and a shoulderstrap from paris ar it worked out to being around 35% cheaper. tax disvound is 12% in paris and 15% for the rest of france so get it outside paris if possible.
  3. Yup yup... A lot cheaper.. ;)

    Grab what you can while you're there... tee hee he.
  4. yes it's cheaper but if you really want the bag just get it now!:nuts:
  5. Ditto:yes:
  6. I agree.....:yes:
  7. It's cheaper...if i were you just wait.. I was in a situation like yours then, should i wait or not but when i got to france I thanked myself for being so patient. My money then was good for 2 bags but i ended up buying 3 because it much much cheaper..and don't you just love the idea of buying it from france which LV is really from?you will really enjoy the experience if you're really going to the flagship store in champs elysees(if that make sense to you..) anyway, enjoy your trip and good luck on your purchase.
  8. If you can wait that long...then wait. But you could just get it now and get something else while you are there!!!
  9. I would wait and get something extra for the savings you make ;) That should make it worth the wait.
  10. ITA! Budget yourself a certain amount while you're there, then get something extra as a treat for being patient!
  11. Thank you all ! :smile: I think i am going to wait. I have been to Paris couple times when i was really young but did not have any idea about LV lol. I wish i knew better.

    Btw, yes i am living in the states. Thanks for your help again. :smile: