Should I Wait for what I really want!!!!

  1. Hi I am fairly new here, have only ever posted a couple of times. I now have a problem and do not know what to do about it. I am at last on the wait list for a Black Togo Birkin at both the FSH store (hate, hate that store:cursing::hysteric:)long story and Bond Street London. At both stores I have asked about Violet or Indigo Birkins but have been told that both these colours are imposible to get. I now know from really posting on this site that this is not true. I do not really want another black bag even though it is a Birkin. If I am going to spend nearly £4,000 I want to love this bag and Violet and Indigo (do not mind which leather it comes in) is what I really want. Should I just settle for the black :confused1:or should I hold out for the colours I really want. What does anybody think of my chances of getting the colours I want. Thanks everybody
  2. yes, i support the idea that you shld wait for the color you love & not compromised (if you really feel that way)... you might not feel fully satisfied if you settled on 'another black bag', if you get what i mean. :biggrin:

    on the side note, the colors u love are quite rare - you dont see them everywhere here in this forum - so the SAs might not be lying.

    hth. :biggrin:
  3. Imo these bags are too expensive to settle for something that doesn't make you drool uncontrollably.
  4. this is tough - i would say wait for what you really want but be prepared for a very long wait - would you consider getting the black when it comes in and then ordering the indigo later and selling the black? the SA may be more willing to order one for you if you have already purchased from them.

    btw - i share your sentiments about the FSH store - it's a nightmare
  5. Rosie50, I totally understand where you are coming from. I live in London and have found it impossible to get a birkin from the London Stores, I am on the waitlist for a kelly. I would prefer a birkin first then a kelly.

    Anyway, back to your question. I would get the black birkin only if you are 100% sure that the other colours are impossible to obtain. If you can get the Indigo and Violet, I would wait and get the colour bag you want. £4k is a lot to get a bag that you do not 100% love.
    Good luck with your choice.x
  6. Hi, I thought FSH was a great store and most people got a birkin there?x
  7. I'm so sorry that you had a bad experience at FSH. I've never had anything but great and friendly service from them, but I imagine it can vary depending on how busy it is at the time and which SA you get.

    About the bag, I would hold off and wait for what you really want. Loony's right: these bags are far too expensive to settle for less than what makes you happy. Violet and indigo are not impossible to obtain ('difficult' would be more accurate), but these are not colors that were not part of the current collection (ie. bags that, if you're lucky, you'll find unreserved in their stock), which means that they are by special order for the moment. If someone is lucky enough to find a violet or indigo birkin in a store, it's likely that these are bags that had been special ordered for clients who decided against taking them.

    If you decide not to settle for the black birkin, you can special order one in either violet or indigo, whichever you prefer. Your store will contact the atelier to confirm that there is a skin available in your color selection. If not, then you can wait to see what's available at the next podium.
  8. ^ Ditto Gina's wise words.
  9. Truly, we're not talking about a bracelet here-maybe it would be ok to get a second choice color in jewelry or a colorway, but your Birkin should absolutely be the on you love! These purchases can be emotionally charged- you don't want to look at the black Birkin every time you use it, and think, oh, if only you were violet!
  10. i would wait then settle for something i really don't want
  11. Yes I agree with everyone too.... wait for the one you really really want...
  12. Wait to get what you really want. I have passed on over 10 Birkins (sitting on the shelf at various times) waiting for my Rouge H to come in.

    Practice some H patience... it will pay off in the end.
  13. Personally, I'm so greedy for a Birkin, I'll take any I can get!

    But if you know you don't want a black Birkin, do wait for the color you want. Part of the joy of getting a Birkin is feeling like you've finally gotten what you've waited for and it was all worth it. If the black doesn't give you that feeling, it's a waste.
  14. ^^well put!