Should I wait for the sale on Stam?

  1. I am thinking to buy a stam in Saks or bloomies FF events, which has 20% off and I will open an account to get additional 10%, so total 28% off. Someone told me that stam had huge sale last season around Xmas. So I don't know if I should wait to the next sale:confused1: :confused1:

    Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Stams generally don't go on sale, at least not historically because they've been so popular. And if they do go on sale, they're very difficult to get because they get snatched up FAST. I say go for the F&F discount if you really want the bag, for most people that's the best way to go if you want to guarantee yourself a stam at a good price.
  3. It depends on how bad you want it. I was lucky I bought my stam $700 w/tax. It was on sale at NM's and Nordies price matched it for me.
    If you don't feel that you will go crazy if you don't have it now, then I would wait.
  4. Ali w, can you tell me a bit more about the sale at NM where you got your stam? Like when it went on sale and what kind of sale it was? Also, more about the Nordstrom price match. I'm dying for a stam!
  5. Stams briefly went on sale after the holidays, some members here were able to score a bag before it sold out. It sold out within hours of being listed. If you were lucky enough to show an active purchase thru NM and have a print out, some Nordies would price match if they have the same exact bag in stock.

    Basically, you have to be really quick and be alert to the sales.
  6. I agree with thithi, especially if you want the stam in a particular color.
  7. It was the after christmas sales, but Thithi is right the bags go really fast. y
  8. It was the after christmas sales, but Thithi is right the bags go really fast. You literally have to be glued to the website clicking the refreash button every second:yes:.
    Nordies will pricematch for the exact item if you bring proof of the sale or they can check it online, but the item has to be available.