Should I wait for the Neverful?

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  1. i would wait. i love lv so much more than gucci. you won't have to wait too much longer, i'm sure.
  2. I'd say wait, I can tell you really want the LV NF! :smile:
  3. Really? I've had things shipped from other LV stores when my local stores didn't have it. Try calling the toll free number if your local store won't order it for you.

  4. If it wasn't for your bday, I'd say go with the gucci...but I say wait. Especially since I've been on that list too (at VF mall) and its been so annoying that I just spent the money on numerous other things haha.
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    I would wait. I got my damier ebene neverfull mm 2 weeks ago and I love it! First, my local store told me they were sold out across the country and it would be a long time before it was restocked.

    Being impatient like I am, I called the 866 # just to see what they would say, and they located a store for me that had apparently just got one in and they did a charge send. I had my bag 2 days later :biggrin:

    And if you cannot do the charge send, I did see them in stock for like a few hours last week at (only in ebene though not mono). So they are starting to come in a little at a time. Good luck!
  6. Wait!
  7. Definitely wait....don't settle..may have regrets!!!:smile:
  8. I'm a little biased...I love LV but caught the Gucci bug recently! I think it depends if you want a shoulder or hand-held bag. I just got the same Sukey and it's beautiful and really comfy to carry. It's a little bit lighter weight-wise than my Speedy 30 and without the saggy bottom. The ivory trim is TDF!! I was afraid of the quality but everything is perfect about it- no loose threads, or bad stitching, etc that I've been hearing about with Gucci lately.
    I put off getting the Sukey since before the summer but ended up getting it since I couldn't stop thinking about it!!!

    I'm not a fan of the NF due to the thin straps--I'd choose the Batignolles Horizontal over it.
  9. I'd say wait as might regret it once it becomes available :smile:
  10. Wait.................
  11. I was able to order mine online about a little over a week ago. I just kept looking to see when it would restock. I got mine on Friday and love it
  12. You can't go wrong with the NF it's worth the wait !
  13. I would wait, did you ask your SA if they could get one in from another store for you?
  14. Wait for the bag you really want.
  15. I would wait for NF. I have 2 one in Mono and the other Ebene and I love them. I would call the customer service and see if they can locate one for you. I just did that too my BDAY was last month and I wanted Sarah Wallet in Mono and it was out of stock at my local LV so I called customer service found one in Las Vegas was connected to the store and the SA named Cori made sure I got in before my BDAY.I just did that also this week getting ALMA in Vernis Amarante so call customer service . About the Gucci :tdown: I just sold mine I got in last year maybe carried it like 10 times and it looks dirty the quality is nothing like LV and I really take care of my handbags when I don't use them keep them in dust bags. So I would wait for NF