Should I wait for the Neverful?

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  1. I've been waiting for the Neverful MM in Damiere Ebene to become available past 4 weeks and its still out of stock in all stores around where i live (San Fran).
    I'm losing patience now ...coz I wanted to buy myself my first designer bag this birthday! :sad:
    I'm finding myself getting attracted to the Gucci Sukey Med tote (fabric with white leather trim)...and the wait for neverful is tempting me to get this even more!
    What do you guys think? I've always dreamed that my first designer bag would be a classic LV and I'm feeling guilty :sad:
    What do you think I should do? Wait for the Neverful or go with the gucci? (I cant afford to get both :smile: )
  2. I'd wait for the NF -- when is your birthday?
  3. It was over 10 days ago :sad: Sep 20!
    I started to look for the NF in the beginning of the month and its still not available! And since I haven't shopped with LV before, I was told that I cannot have it shipped from a store that does have one of these gorgeous babies :|
  4. WAIT FOR THE NEVERFULL! I got it this summer and just started using it with the arrival of fall and it is AWESOME. wait wait wait!
  5. i say wait for it. i love both of mine.
  6. I like the Gucci better.
  7. I'm not a fan of the NF in general, but I wouldn't settle for the Sukey just yet. I don't think you'll stop thinking of getting the NF even after getting the Sukey.
  8. I am waiting for the same bag also. Thought is would be a good bag for the winter month's. (Snow and sleet here) I would wait if I were you!
  9. I would go for the Sukey!
    I had one, exactly like the one you're talking about.
    But sold it, because its pretty too small for me.
    Other than that, its a great bag!! (;*
  10. I'd wait for the Neverfull. You'll love it. especially for the winter months.
  11. I would wait for the NF. I was put on the waiting list for one and finally got in about week ago. I LVOE it.
  12. It sounds like you really want the NF. I'd wait for that instead of settling for something just so that you have it "right now".
  13. I wouldn't settle and would wait. I love mine and use it like crazy. If you can, keep checking the website. You may just luck up. But if you do happen to see the "purchase now" you better click it cause it won't last long.
  14. Wait for the is so worth the wait! It is on my wishlist and I love it.
  15. Wait for the NF.