should I wait for possible PCE or just go for it?

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  1. I bought three large Sophias last PCE. LOVE them.

    I bought three bags at the outlet last weekend. All three are going back. (gunmetal madison carryall, large metallic sapphire maggie and mia crossbody in gunmetal).

    Anyway, I can't stop thinking about the gathered sophia in grey AND the madison shoulder bag in camel patent.

    How long do you all think these will be available? I could live without the camel patent but the grey sophia is calling my name. . .. . .
  2. I know... I love it too!! I say wait since you have the others!!
  3. You see, I've always been very methodological about my wardrobe.

    And the grey pleated sophia has gunmetal hardware. The others have gold hardware.

    Do you know what this means? It means that unless I get that bag, I can't wear a sophia with silver jewelry.

    and that sucks.
  4. I say get it! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    If it's gone and you don't want to regret missing out on a good thing!!!

    Grey Sophia is gorgeous! I had the black and grey in my possession and purchased the black...I would have been very happy with the grey too cause I don't have a grey bag!
  5. I have the black. It's so Chanelesque chic. . .

    But the gray haunts me.

    I and I feel like if I had that bag, I wouldn't need another for a really long time (fat chance on that.)
  6. If it's a bag you love, I'd buy it. There's no guarantee it will still be around at next pce or that you will ever be able to find it at an outlet if it even goes. You could leave the tags on for a while, at least until pce and see if it is still around then.
  7. Oh, I'm afraid I'd crack the tags immediately.

    I had her in my hands last PCE and I put her back. . phooey.

    I have gobs of bags I could sell, though. Maybe I'll make a deal with myself and put 10 bags on ebay. Hmmmm.

    (No I don't have any current auctions, not selling anything, not soliciting, etc..)
  8. Get it! I have both the grey and black gathered Sophias, and I do not regret, for one second, either purchase.

    There are some bags that you totally respond to, and for me, the Sophia was one of them! If the style works for you, I say, go for it! The gathered bags are esp. beautiful and posh-looking (I say this as the owner of crimson patent, camel patent, black gathered, and grey gathered Sophias!).

  9. ok ok ok . . . maybe tomorrow.

    Can I return outlet stuff to the regular store? If so, the store credit would more than pay for it. That would feel like a coup!!!
  10. If you really want it, go for it! The grey is gorgeous and I want one too! I really wanted the black, but I just couldn't get past the brass. Black needs silver! I ordered the small black croc w/ antique nickle and I'm picking her up tomorrow, but I know I'll be trying on the grey one too!
  11. I am much like yourself, when a bag haunts me, it haunts me... Go for it.:tup: And you can rock your silver jewlery.
  12. I say go for it and buy it now. My hubby has asked me what I want for our Anniversary which is October 24th, and I said the grey gathered sophia. I hope he gets it for me :biggrin:

    I have to agree with the others, the gathered sophia are
    very posh looking and not everyone will have the gathered so I would go for it.
  13. Sidne, they will probably eventually make that bag in black/silver. We both know that.

    I loved the black/gold, but I already have three black/silver lovelies.

    I think they should make most of the bags with a hardware selection. Alot of us get hung up on the hardware.
  14. you can return new/unused stuff from outlet at the FP store for credit but know if you do it this way and ultimately decide to return the bag, you will only get MC back, it can never be converted to cash or back to your credit card--just sayin' cos a lot of people don't know this. i'd rather return it at the outlet and buy at the FP unless i know either way i'm going to be buying more from coach and keeping it :P

    i'd also ask the SA how many gray is in jax. that way if the number is high (i know i checked the black and it was in the thousands) you can chance to wait for a PCE and we all know around christmas/holiday all stores have some sort of f&f/sale including coach ;) so you can get it on PCE

    unless you want to use it right away, thats another story, then i'd say return or exchange and get it now!
  15. hmm good idea, ms whitney.

    And I suppose there is always evilbay, if all else fails.