Should I Wait for another 05 Rouge to Show Up OR ......

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  1. should I get an 06 Rouge Vif???

    I really like the 06 Rouge but I LOVE the 05 more! I can't beleive there were 3 or 4 about a month ago and I didn't get one :crybaby:
    I just know the minute I buy a different one, bam, I'll find the 05 :cursing:

  2. I personally like the '05 more but the '06 is pretty! I would say hold out for the one you really want. Or you could always but the '06 and then sell it (because it will sell fast) and then get your '05 when it comes up. GOOD LUCK!
  3. ^^ ditto!!! :cutesy:
  4. Yes, you guys are right, I should hold out for what I really want ... :search:
  5. Hold out for the color you really love! Even if it takes awhile. You know, I've seen quite a few days go up for sale in this color, but can't remember seeing any purses, boxes, cities, or twiggys. Maybe I just haven't noticed 'em. Hve you guys seen any of those up for auction in the rouge theatre?
  6. WAIT!!! My experience is when I settle for second best (even though rouge vif is one hot second best) I'm almost always disappointed. Wait and 05 rouge will come!
  7. I hope it comes while I still have $$$ :p

    I prefer either a Twiggy or City ... hopefully!!
  8. OK, since I NEED to satisfy this urge to have a red bbag NOW and there aren't any 05 Rouge bags listed but there ARE some 06's ... will I have a hard time reselling the 06 rouge vif WHEN I finally do find the 05??

    I know this is basically the same question I origanally asked, but I am being VERY impatient and need more advice! :s
  9. I don't think that there's an easy way to answer that since you never know what people are looking for at different times. One minute you can get a bag on eBay for a reasonable price, and then, all of a sudden, the demand goes up for that specific colour and people are willing to pay more and there is a bididng war. I wouldn't count on making my money back on a bag only because it isn't guaranteed that I will. I also realize that there are certain colours and styles that more than likely will make you $$ or at least break even, but I just don't know if the rouge vif is one of them........yet.:smile:
  10. *sigh* I know .... I wouldn't really expect to make my money back, I guess I am just trying to decide if I should go ahead and get the rouge vif while it is still available around retail in case I can't find the 05 again that is within my budget ... also I have zero patience :p
  11. Trust me, bags pop up more than you think; especially '05 bags. Do not settle; wait for the bag you want. Just be extra vigilent about looking. Good luck!!!!
  12. might not be real soon but you will be annoyed when it does pop up after you buy your rouge vif. =) I know I would be! LOL!
  13. yes, i would say to wait to :smile: it will come when you least expect it;)