Should I wait????????advice please

  1. I am desperate for an Alma in Damier pattern- saw a woman wearing one today and went nuts over it. Going to Paris in early October and wondering if I should wait and just buy it there or try to get a used one cheaper on this end - what would you do?????? I like my LV's made in France. Thx.
  2. Is it significantly cheaper to purchase LV in France?
  3. As hard as it would be, I would try to hold off until October...then you will have your made in France and purchased in France Damier Alma!
  4. Yes, I would try to wait until October. The wait will probably be worth it!
  5. I'll wait and buy it in France:love: How special would that be!:love: If you're talking about ebay,they're usually rare and not cheap.(one ending in about 12 minutes time and it's $750 + shipping:sad: )
  6. Yes, but the wait is brutal when you have an "I want it now" mentality!!!!!!
  7. OMG! I love the Damier Alma! Wait until France - you won't regret going to the mothership and getting one that is made in France. Then it will be extra special! :yes:
  8. I don't like to wait either, but it would be cool to actually buy it in Paris. I'm terrible at waiting!
  9. I know how you feel... I really want a Zippy wallet, and I will be in France in October as well.... I am doing my best to hold out until then... :angel:
  10. wait till you are in paris.
  11. there's nothing like buying it in its 'country of origin' (no pun intended). and don't you believe it, October will come faster than you'd like it to :yes:.

    you can buy a teeny little thing now to stave off the urge :graucho:
  12. I say wait until you go to Paris.
  13. Well then get in Paris girl!
  14. get it in Paris! it will cost $750 so $120 cheaper and everytime you will use the bag it will remind you the good time you have had in Paris!
  15. Wait!