Should I volunteer for Planned Parenthood or elsewhere?

  1. I want to go back to get a graduate degree and ive been wanting to do some volunteer work for both doing something nice and to make myself a better applicant.. I used to do a lot of volunteering in college but since ive graduated, I have not done any. Should I volunteer for Planned Parenthood or someplace else like a hospital or pharmacy?

    I dont know if this hsould be a concern but the PP location i would volunteer at had 2 doors you needed to be buzzed through before you could get in, not counting the front door. And between those 2 doors, the office had glass completely covering the receptionist/office area with only a little slot at the bottom to slip papers through (like at the movie theatres when you buy tickets). I felt slightly uneasy and wondered what all the protection was for.
  2. There are safety issues as PP provides information about terminating pregnancies and birth control and is 'pro choice'. I think some offices also do terminations by vacuum aspiration or medically.

    Therefore some centers have become targets of anti-abortion activists in the past. If you go to work for them they will inform you of potential security risks.
  3. I think volunteering at PP is an excellent idea :yes: They are always in need of extra help, esp. in lower socio-economic areas. The extra protection is for those crazy ding-bat conservatives that try to go ape $%!# on the workers there. A lot of those were installed after PP were bombed by anti-abortion activists. However, these days I think they are there as more of a precautionary measure rather than a defensive mechanism.
  4. PP would be a great opportunity for you to do some volunteer work at. I have a friend who is volunteering there now and she loves it and she thinks that the added security makes her feel so much safer. Its awesome that you want to help women (and teens) in those situations, its very comendable.
  5. Generalizations suck. There are moderate, liberal, and conservative pro- lifers.
  6. To the OP,

    What kind of graduate program do you plan to apply to?
  7. I volunteer at a hospital on the cancer floor and I love it! It makes me feel good. There is a girl on the floor with me that volunteered at PP and she really enjoyed it. She only left because she wants to go into the healthcare field and wanted to see what's out there by working in a hospital. I think volunteering is a great idea! You should go for it...
  8. About my volunteer experience, to give you some ideas:

    Most of my volunteer work has been with children. I used to run and plan after-school sessions for middle-schoolers. We put on talent shows, did clothing drives, etc. I was very nervous, because I had never really been around children, but it turned out to be fun.

    I also volunteered at a senior citizen's center. My head is full of stories about the 1950s. It wasn't as fun as working with the children.

    Maybe what you are most interested in is the medical field. I volunteered at the adult psychiatric ward a 2-3 yrs. ago. It was the most interesting/challenging work I've ever done. My mother was furious and paranoid(I was 18), so I had to quit early.
  9. That is a great idea!!! Kudos for you for wanting to volunteer with them! :yes: That added security is for the *ahem*simpleton crazy pro-lifers/ignoramuses*ahem*. I think it would be a great opportunity! ^_^ Don't be put off by the security, I have a feeling it was installed a number of years ago, though it is a good precaution to continue to have.
  10. I have a feeling this thread wont last long. But doing any volunteer work is good
  11. Asides from PP, another great place to volunteer is in a nursing home. The residents are always happy to see another friendly face. =)
  12. ^^^ Excellent idea. I just read an article about the skyrocketing rates of abuse/neglect in nursing homes. It would be lovely to bring joy to someone in the twilight of their life.

    Also, consider volunteering at an actual non-profit (pp has a 'surplus'). I have made some great connections at non- profits in NY over the years. Great to have various professionals willing to write you a letter of recommendation.
  13. I havent completely narrowed down the kind of grad program I would like to get into. For me, I wonder what kinds I would even had a reasonable chance of g etting into as i had tough times in college so my grades are far from stellar. My considerations are a nursing program, pharmacy, public health, or teaching.

    I'm not much of a fighter, or very confrontational at all so I would like to minimize potential office politics in my future career and although its a life-skill to deal with such things, I;m really not agressive/assertive enough so many people take advantage of that. A lot of people are nice in this world, but i've come to realize that a lot of people also arent and try to take advantage of you or keep you from going where you want to go. I guess this is the reason, I enjoy community service. Most people there are there to help others. I've volunteered with children, the elderly, and the homeless int he past so i'm looking for something a little different. Maybe something more hands on that may help me become abetter applicant to schools, satisfy my need craving to do some community service, and hopefully give me some insight as to what i would like to have as a future career. BTW, I also volunteered at the psych ward also, the people I worked with were great but it was really pretty scary. I was so nervous and sometimes for good reason. We all had whistles.. just in case!!

    I've never volunteered at a hospital so im considering that also but my impression (dont know if its correct) is that its pretty hectic. I think one thing I dont want to happen is I get stuck filing or doing clerical work which is what they pay people to do just because someone in the ranks wants to get that done and either they dont have someone hired to do it yet or they dont want to do it themselves. its happened to someone I know. Dont get me wrong, I know I cant be doing hands on work with people all the time and d ont mind doing some clerical work but paperwork, filing is not somethign i should be doing all the time. Some people take advantage of volunteers if they dont say something. And sometimes if you say something they will reply that volunteers need to help out whereever they are needed but you know they just want to put you into doing paperwork (i dont know if this is called office politics but this is just something id ont want to deal with)

    The protection at PP makes me slightle uneasy, only slightly. :sweatdrop:
  14. Thankyou for your advice!! I appreciate it.

    What do you mean by 'surplus'? I thought PP was non-profit?
  15. my mom actually started as a nurse, got an FNP, got a masters in public health, and a masters in something else (i think management). her specialty is OB/GYN so planned parenthood is part of her job. i think the reason for all the protection and stuff in the planned parenthood facility is because of privacy issues. also, not to scare you or anything but they might be worried that people AGAINST planned parenthood might i guess break in or rally against them. i would feel safer with all the extra security in there. health facilities are also generally very well guarded. my mom's clinic has a doorman, a card slot to get in the first door, then receptionists for every floor, then another card slot to get into exam rooms, and another card slot to get into the section with administrative offices, AND another card slot for her own office. depending on which department you're placed in, i think most of the volunteer work you'll do is generally paperwork. but you might be lucky and be assigned a community based project which should be fun!