Should I use the same SA all the time???

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  1. I'm wondering if it is frowned upon to use different SA's at my local Hermes store or should I be using the same one all the time???

    Thanks in advance for your input!! :smile: :smile:
  2. Mimi, I'm sure your SA would appreciate your loyalty, and you may find that it pays off when you're looking for something hard to find. However, there certainly aren't any "rules" about shopping around. I sure had to kiss a few frogs before I found my ideal match. ;)
  3. I think it can take a few go's before you find your ideal SA, it did for me, but once I found them ive stuck with them. It certainly paid off when I was looking for hard to find items
  4. Definitely stick to an SA that you're comfortable with. Call before you visit to make an "appointment" to shop with him/her.
  5. I second that!!:tup:An appt so you can have time to look at whatever you want!!

    CG Frog kissing eh? Wow! You really go all out for H!:P
  6. Love the last part of this post:smile:

  7. I second that too!:biggrin: I find that the SAs do appreciate your loyalty, and also once the store knows you, even when my SA's off and I am picking something up that my SA has kept for me, the other SAs usually put the transaction under my SAs name.
  8. I wish I COULD use the same SA. My store is FSH and I can't use the same one since they each stick to their own departments. I just have to make sure that I wear some H when I go there so then they know that I'm actually into the brand.
  9. Shop with one SA exclusively, but definitely remain cordial with the rest. You never know when you might need another SA to ring up something for you when your SA is on vacation or if they leave.
  10. Now I feel really bad. I have purchased a number of items from a very nice SA and then one day when I was at the mall and not planning to go into the Hermes store (a plan which proved impossible as usual!) and my usual SA wasn't in and I asked to try on the jumping boots in my size. The different SA went into the back and said they did not have my size and there was only one more of my size in the system and should she have them sent to the store and I said yes. She called me a few days later to say they were in and I went and picked them up. My usual SA was not there when I picked them up if that helps my situation any. I really hope I didn't screw things up! :sad: :sad:
  11. I wouldn't worry about it, your usual SA wasn't in on either occasion. I usually ring to check which days my SA is in if I'm planning a visit, but if it's an impromptu visit and another SA shows me something I like, I would still buy it from that SA. I'm sure your own SA will uunderstand. HTH
  12. ^^ I wouldn't worry about it either.

    If your regular SA does ask (usually they don't), just say that she wasn't in when you went to get them. But don't fib and tell her you got them from another store, cos she can see the purchase from her computer.
  13. I'm maintaining relationships with two SAs in the 2 NYC stores. Dropping in to say a quick hello, especially if you're wearing something they sold you so they can see you're enjoying it goes a long way.

    When I made my recent giant purchase, I asked the store to hold the packages until I left work. I showed up with sweets for my SA and the staff behind the counter.

    Saying please and thank you gets you far, in life and in Hermes. They may send you a thank you note but you can also send a complimentary note to the store manager about great service. People are quick to complain which is why compliments are treasured.

    And a photo of Jinjy in the bag always helps.
  14. restricter,
    You are a very kind and wise woman!!!
  15. I completely agree EB! :heart: restricter - that was so nice of you to bring SA a thank-you gift.