Should I use my store credit? Boutique or outlet?

  1. I have some store credit that is driving me insane! I want to get the denim signature large tote to use as a purse/diaper bag. BUT I'm dying to go to the outlet! Should I get the tote or go to the outlet and see if I get a great find!

    I have about 370 to spend... Does anyone know what has been at the outlets latley? Maybe some other kind of tote?:confused1:

    Should I just save my credit until I find something I can't live without, LOL

  2. I would save it until you find a bag that you can't live without. :yes:

    I have a $700 store credit (was a $900 credit but than I purchased the Daphne charm bracelet). I've been wanting to spend it, but am patiently hoping I receive a PCE invite so I can get either a Lily or a Gigi and Leigh.
  3. I don't know if it's a long trip for you to go to the outlet, but I would check there first. More bang for your buck.