should i use it

  1. hey there! so as you know i have my karo. which i love. i keep testing out things to keep in it. right now i've been carrying my cell phone in it so i don't have to lug around my big camera case. but.... i also want to use this bag as a clutch occasionally. should i not use it as an everyday keep all in my bag because i'm going to ruin it? or do you think it's ok? it's chevre. opinions? i just want to keep it nice forever.
  2. I have two large Karo's, H and I use them in my bags all the time and they are as lovely as the day I bought them. One is black and the other is gold chevre. No issues at all EXCEPT the inside can get a little dirty but that's to be expected.

    I usually toss in there my nylon makeup case, hand cream, gum, keys, pen and any other little bits and pieces I don't want getting lost inside my handbag.
  3. really? ok. mine was used when i bought it so the inside is already not perfect. i was just worried about the outside... maybe i should carry it in the dustbag. lol. right now i have it in a clear plastic bag that i found in my purse. i know, crazy.
  4. You crack me up, H. Just use the dang thing in all it's Chevre glory. They can take it, believe me!
  5. I know how you feel -- it's still new to you. But use it and in a couple of days you will be completely relaxed about it. It's gorgeous by the way.
  6. thank you. i've been using it since friday though and still not relaxed. but maybe that's me. LOL.
  7. I also have a used one and used oxy clean on the inside, that worked pretty nicely (turned it inside-out and then cleaned the fabric).

    Use that baby! That's waht it's for!
  8. Really hello? what's the fabric? it felt silky to me....
  9. Another option would be to keep it for use as a clutch and to get an insert for your bag. I learned about from tPF and am delighted with the xsturdy black one I have in my 35 Birkin. No problem locating anything and no imprints/dusty corners etc in my bag.

    btw - what size Karos do you all use in what size bags?
  10. No, I don't think it's silk. Some coated cotton or something. Very hardy.
  11. I've had mine for a few years and no worries. The Chevre can take the abuse. As an aside, the interior lining has recently been changed. The older ones have an ivory microfiber type lining whereas the new ones have a dark raspberry rubbery like lining (easier to clean I presume).
  12. ^Thanks Orchids! Ivory Microfibre, that's waht I have.
  13. Use it!! It's so pretty!
  14. OMG! You should definitely be using it! It is absolutely gorgeous, and the color is amazing on you! And chevre is really durable IMO!!!! Use it!!!
  15. I've had two karos in my bag for quite a while. They both look great -- use it!!