Should I upgrade my Sidekick 2 to a Sidekick 3?

  1. Hey Gals,
    I love having the "newest" gadgets, and REALLY :heart: my SK2. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to the Sidekick 3...I guess I want the newest model, but I heard that none of the ringtones and games from the old SK get transferred to the new ones, and I guess I'm a bit nostalgic of the things I use everyday.For people that got the SK3, or moved up to it, can someone help me decide, by telling me the pros and cons of spending an extra $200 to upgrade to what seems like little more than a sleeker, different color, MP3 enabled phone? :shrugs:

    Whoo, I'm done. Thanks!
  2. Can you sell your SK2 to pay for some of SK3??

    I like SK3 ALOT better. Bluetooth, MP3 player, wayyy better camera..
  3. I also enjoy my new SK3. The problem is, nevermind that you cant get your ringers from the sk2, they dont even have ALL of the ringers from the sk2 in the sk3s catalog, its a bit ridiculous. It is however refreshing to be able to use bluetooth while im driving or cleaning so i dont have to hold the phone up to my face. Ummm...the camera is slightly better, and i do mean SLIGHTLY. There is talk that there is supposed to be an OTA that makes the sk3 video capable, but we will see. I really dont care seeing that i do not use video on my other phones anyway. Still no MMS, which sucks really bad. I like the mp3 player feature, but whoever thought of that should of thought of something else. Why? Because would you really be at the gym or jogging and walking around with a device that big when you can get a Ipod Nano or shuffle? Who knows, im sure some people like it, dont get me wrong i still use it, but i just turn it on at my desk when i am doing a little paper work. Do a little research so you can make a better decision for yourself. Overall, i would say that it is a worth while upgrade, however i will say that maybe you should wait until updates are made to the catalog and other features are added. That can be another month to a full year. Take your time, think about it.:yes:
  4. U think it will ever be MMS so that we can send photos to other phones? Is there even a way to get them upgraded like that? I'm clueless when it comes to techi stuff like that
  5. I would definintly go for the upgrade!!! I really think its worth the money!
  6. I am still using my SK2, and thought about selling it to get the SK3, but at the same time I dont want to. I got my SK2 after they gave the update because I know that brand new releases will almost always have defects. I like to wait for them to fix the problems first before getting anything.

    I know I can still get approx $200 for my SK2, which means paying only $100 additional for the SK3. I dont have that many special ringtones so no big loss for me, although they should include that anyway. What about games? Did those transfer? And is the camera any better? The SK2 has the crappiest camera I have ever encountered.
  7. OMG yes! I love my sk3!!! ;)
  8. love mine. i dont use it a a phone but it does literally everything else! lol