should i upgrade my old ipod???

  1. i own this silver ipod mini which i bought like 3-4 years ago... it's pretty much still in a good condition (other than the battery life and the headphones cord nearly snapped LOL!)..

    i'm just wondering if its worth it to buy the new ipod.. i think if i get one, i'll get the video ipod as i can put photos and play videos on it.

    my current ipod is the small ipod with black & white screen, so it's pretty much ancient LOL!

    i wouldn't call myself a heavy user of music on the go, like i dont bring my ipod all the time with me, only when i go to school and when i travel far (on the bus ride 1+ hour, and on the plane). i rarely use ipod when i'm walking around the city as i usually go with someone else, and i think its kinda rude if i listen to my ipod if my friends are there.

    the other thing that keeps backing me off from buying a new one is...

    a good friend of mine bought me a Burberry ipod cover for my 21st bday 2 years ago. Even though I don't use this ipod cover everytime I use my ipod, I just feel that I'm going to waste my friend's present if I buy a new ipod as the cover will not fit the new ipods.

    guys, whats your opinion on this?
  2. Well, since you've had the Burberry cover for 2 years, it's ok if you moved on now.

    My daughters had Ipod minis, then I bought them video Ipods and now they don't even use them because one has a RIZR cell phone and the other has a KRAZR cell phone and both are mp3 players.
  3. i would say dont buy it if you dont really need it and it looks to me from your description like you dont :yes: i would just get a new battery and headphones and keep usng the old one and that cute Burberry cover ! :jammin: just my 2 c:yes:
  4. It sounds to me like you are not really bothered. I had the same ipod and it was brilliant! I have upgraded and I love my video ipod But I use it everyday for at least an hour.

    Don't feel obiliged to get one - if you are happy with the one you have stay with it!
  5. Save your old ipod

    Nobody likes to be traded in for a newer, younger (and smaller) model ;)
  6. That is the best thing i have ever heard.!!!!!
  7. I'm still using my pink iPod mini!

    The bf bought her for me when I first started working as a surprise so I wouldn't get bored while traveling to and from work. It's been almost 3 years now, and she still works perfect. I have had to get the earphones changed, but otherwise, I don't see myself trading her up for a newer model any time soon. We've been through my first job, and some tough times. :love:

    I say keep ya current iPod especially since there's no pressing need for you to upgrade. :smile:
  8. I use my Treo for music and video. Can you do something similar with your phone?
  9. I also have a silver mini ipod that I bought when it first came out. Although I have contemplated getting a newer and color screen version, I just don't see the point when I have a brand new pink mini too that I received as a gift waiting to be used. I'll admit sometimes I feel a little outdated with my ancient black and white screen when I travel on subway everyday to class and there's so many people waving around their tiny sleeker ipods. In the end though, my opinion is, it works fine so why shell out another 200+ for the same exact gadget with the same purpose?
  10. I am still using my pink ipod mini that I bought back in '04. It works fine, I use it everyday, I think i may have to buy a new headset because the wires are now showing. But I dont think I will be trading it in anytime soon. If it still works ok, you dont use it too often, and you arent in desperate need of a new one, I say keep the money and buy something else with it.
  11. I'd wait until the iPhone comes out then get that (mainly because I want one LOL)!
  12. I had the first iPod mini that came out three years ago in pink. I used it almost every day for at least an hour. Last November the battery wore out... I would charge it all the way through and it would only last an hour. That's when I decided it was time for another one. It kinda sucked at first because I had a couple designer cases plus a whole bunch of others. I even had the speakers specially made for it. I ended up getting the 30 GB video, & I'm very happy with it... its so advanced compared to the original mini. I'd still be using my mini if it were still working, but upgrading was totally worth it! :smile:
  13. I still have my old 2nd generation ipod... I don't use it to go to the gym any longer, instead I leave it in my car hooked up to my ipod jack. I certainly wouldn't mind having another ipod to bring to the gym! I haven't unhooked the one in my car for about two months and I haven't had single repeat song since then. It's great!

    You can still have use for two ipods if you feel the need to buy a new one!
  14. I have 3 ipods because I love buying the newest ones. It's a bad habit so I am stopping with my latest purchase (red 8 gb nano).
  15. thanks guys, i have decided not to get one for the time being.... i'm also waiting for iphone! LOL!