Should I try to get my size or just return them?

  1. Well, I just got these Alessandro Dell'Acqua pumps and they are way too big! I went with my usual size but as you can see the run very BIG! Anyway, what do you guys think of them???

    This is a pic from

    This are mine, not that I need to tell you, but you know.

    Any comments, opinions, advice???
    alessandro.JPG 00230m.jpg
  2. I love the shoes but I would try to get them in a smaller size. I've made the mistake of keeping shoes that don't fit because I love them and my feet have paid the price. Good luck on your decision.
  3. Ohh no, I'm not keeping these!! I hate when shoes are too big! But do you like the style? Should I go down 1 or 1/2 size???
  4. Those are hot! I find them appealing. I think you might need to go down a whole size. There is quite a bit of space between your foot and the shoe.

    I think you should order a different size and keep them if they fit. They're very cool. I only wish I could wear shoes like this!
  5. Those shoes are beautiful!! I would definitely get a smaller size. I would keep them!!!
  6. thanks ladies! I'm gonna try to get a smaller size.
  7. you need to get them in a smaller size i can see the spacing, you will also have trouble walking
  8. It looks like you need to go down a full size. They're pretty shoes, kinda funky, but still tamed (if that makes any sense).

    BTW, are you standing on your counter? LOL!
  9. Those are HOT HOT HOT! A unique yet versatile combination of colors! Loved them since the moment I saw them on after the Alessandro Dell Acqua show. May I ask where you purchased yours from?

    I do think you should size down with those; the gap at the back is quite large & visible. Are these comfortable on?