Should I Try To Get My Old Job Back?

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  1. I have been working as a Substance Abuse Residential Counselor for 3 weeks in this company (I know, way too short.) It is a new company (only two months old)in its infancy, had no structure when I started. I hated no structure but I loved my job and clients. I was part time and they wanted me full time (or on call.) I repeatedly said "no, I cannot work those hours" at the time. (now I regret saying so.) Fast forward, executive assistant texted me "Please report to my office on Monday at 9.00 to have a meeting with me." I have just assumed that they wanted to let me go, thus I resigned before I even found out what they wanted talk with me about. Another mistake, I know now. Now, I realized how much I liked what I was doing, so my question is, Should I try to get my job back? Is there a way to find out what they wanted to talk to me about? Is it too late? If it is not too late, how should I approach it?
    Thanks, guys! Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!
  2. did you just finish school? and what made you think they want to let you go? and why would you want to resign before hearing what they have to say?
    i think you should call the EA and ask if you could come back and be honest to explain your resignation and have a frank conversation with her and apologize for your hasty resignation. are you still there? if you are still there, ask her out for lunch and saying what's on your mind first.
    for work, it's business, everything is up for negotiation, it's never that cut and dry. if they want you, they would try to accommodate you..or vice versa.
  3. No, I have already earned my MS in Psychology. (yes still stupid though.) I have called my boss and told him exactly what you wrote here (before I even read it) what I had assumed and he said that he did not want to let me go and that it came as a surprise to him. I felt terrible. Since he did not have much time to talk, we finished the call early and I later texted him that I am sorry for my faulty assumptions and that I would appreciate if I could have my job back. Have not heard from him.
    You are very very right about having a clear and frank conversation - I should have not assumed. but it is done. Now, fingers crossed about the rest. If I dont get my job back, I have learned an expensive lesson.
  4. OP did you get your job back?
  5. If you were fortunate enough to get your job back, then that's great. But personally as an employer, I would never re-hire someone who behaved in this way: you just demonstrated that you're impulsive and don't think anything through or respond rationally to normal requests. I'd be very nervous about ever sending you an email or text ever again!

    Be rational and logical at work - it's the best way :yes:
  6. Bitten, while I understand your point and it would make a sense if I had worked for a normal place however, there is something to consider before you judge someone or accuse them of being "irrational and impulsive." There are two sides of each coin....

    ...the reason that led me to the resignation was how the company was run. It was rather shady from the start. They are supposed to offer counseling, support, and stability to those with substance abuse issues. However, they left “women’s house” – where clients (women) lived, without food (except for some light lunch and dinner) – but no food in the house and no money for any activity during the weekend (thus they were forced to stay in the house.) They seemed to be more confused after they checked in than prior to checking in.
    Furthermore, my first check (I was getting paid every week) was three (!) weeks late, and I had to beg for my last check!
    Also, I was supposed to lead an art therapy with NO supplies (because “there are currently no money for that stuff.”) They did not even have a clue whether I am part time or full time and I was there 3 weeks!
    They “forgot” or neglected, if you will, to give meds to one of the patients, she later collapsed due to that… I can go on and on. It was a huge mess with no structure for those who needed a structure the most!

    PS: for those who inquired, I had a part time job as a researcher at the University while having this "job" as well. And I went from a part time to a full time in this position.
  7. ^^ You love your job, but ask yourself if you can live knowing all of the mess that is going on in the company. If I were you, I stay resigned (though I won't recommend for you rush it through like you did) and just focus on getting a new job somewhere else, but that's just me. Even better,.. get a new job before you quit. I've been in the workforce for too long, sometimes it's not worth it to keep a job just for the sake of it. All the best!
  8. Dear, the cliche about 'there are two sides to every story' isn't really applicable here, since this is a forum, you are the OP and you are responsible for telling us one (your) or both (your and their) sides, as you choose. You told us your story, specifically that you resigned in response to a request for a meeting. They asked for a meeting. You resigned. That's what you did. You didn't know what the meeting was about and you didn't ask: you made an assumption. And you resigned.

    That's an impulsive and irrational response to a request for a meeting: imagine if every time a company CEO asked to see the CFO, the CFO resigned?!! :lol:

    And having now outlined a whole lot of reasons why you found the workplace 'shady' and difficult to work in, somewhat to justify your original action...I return to the fact that this thread is about how you want to get your old job back? :huh:

    I am thoroughly confused, no question :yes: If you do get your job back, then that's great IF that's what you want. But first you wanted it back. Then you outlined all these reasons why working there sucked...I think you might need to reconsider what your goals actually are. Maybe you like working in the area, but not for that specific company. Which is great, but going back to work there isn't the answer: finding another group to work with in that field is. Logic wins ;)
  9. i cannot work for someone who doesn't pay. regardless how much i love the job.
    i am glad you have a full time do you like it?
  10. #10 Mar 27, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2014

    You do, however, need to learn to read more thoroughly as I mentioned that I got a full time job (from my part time there in a respectable place) and, thus, I do not want the "old" job back any longer. A hint: I have been working part time in this organization for 3 years and never resigned :biggrin:, thus there must be something about the place I, for a sec, considered back, that made me resigned.

    Furthermore, I would like to remind you that this place is to give a support, a suggestion, not to attack individuals or talk to them in an angry manner, which you are doing in my thread. I understand there might be your own underlying unresolved issues with whatever, but don't bring them into my thread. Perhaps, you might want to stay away from it if you have nothing positive to stay. My thread is not your therapy session. :smile:
  11. Well, they paid but whenever they wanted. Anyway, I have been working for the current organization for the past 3 years as a part time so I do like it a lot! Thanks for asking. Glad to have one stable place.
  12. I see nothing wrong with Bitten's post. Seems like someone got a little offended...
  13. Not offended at all. I just see this conversation as no longer a productive one as the issue is now closed... and Bitten knew it, she just had to vent (for whatever reason.) :smile:

    Off to work and off this thread... ;) but you, guys, feel free talking...

  14. I agree nothing was wrong with Bitten's post. Some very valid points were made. Sometimes the truth is like a slap in the face and it hurts.
  15. This is so normal for the mental health field - both the actions of the employer and the OP.