Should I try the Stam again???

  1. Hi everyone!

    Last year, I purchased a Stam but had a series of problems with them. I ended up returning the bag, but have been unable to get it out of my head! Despite the price difference now, do you guys think I should try it again?

    I saw the black one at a NM's recently, and I'm thinking about getting it using my InCircle points (I've redeemed my points for a lovely GC to use).

    What should I do? Should I wait and see what's up for the fall, or take a chance?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. According to bag.lover, the Stams for Fall 07 are:

    STAM ($1350): Black, Ivory, Berry, Cognac, Grey, Teal
    Details: Gold hardware

    If it's still in your craw, you should maybe try again, SuLi...are you set on Black or maybe interested in the other colors?

    If it's definitely Black, I say why wait? I'd go for it now and use your points...
  3. if its still in your head, then you must want it!

    but...wouldn't you be sick if something came out you liked much better and you didn't wait?

    black will always be out......decisions, decisions....
  4. Hmmm....maybe I should wait and see what colors are around.
  5. I think the bordeaux patchwork quilted stam will be amazing... I would def wait to see what colors come out.