Should I try calling the seller?

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  1. Maybe I'm just OCD, but I'm thinking about calling the seller.

    It was for an auction that ended Saturday night. I had msged the seller early Saturday morning asking if the wallet comes with the dust bag picture. Then I msged the seller immediately after winning and paying for the auction because I had my home address as my shipping address and I wanted to see if he would consider switching to my work address (I'm listed on my work's Web site and it's a public non-profit). I sent him a second follow-up e-mail today.

    It's now more than 24 hours since the second e-mail and there has been no response to either questions. I requested his contact info from eBay but I'm wondering if it'll be creepy to hear from me via telephone.

    He claims in his listing that he ships out the next business day after payment, which would be tomorrow. In that regard, I would think he would've responded to my shipping question by now.

    Should I call him?
  2. Never mind. I must just be OCD because he just responded.

  3. Well, for a future transaction just be sure that whatever address you want it sent to is listed on the Paypal payment. Even if it is unconfirmed and you change it on the Paypal page BEFORE you pay then the seller is typically still covered. However, I wouldn't accept an address change after payment because then I wouldn't be covered.
  4. Thanks for the head's up! Yes, he was uncomfortable with shipping it to my work (although I e-mailed him my work's Web site and my name/contact info/etc. which is public information). I see his side of it.

    I've now switched it over, but it's too late for this one. Oops! I was so eager about paying that I didn't notice the address wasn't the one I wanted to use.
  5. That wouldn't make a bit of difference if you were a scammer or made ANY kind of claim with paypal he wouldn't be covered. Even with signature confirmation or restricted delivery where a DL was required he still wouldn't be covered.
  6. This is a little OTT but I had a buyer who asked me a similar thing - paid with one Paypal address then wanted to send elsewhere. He seems legit. I suggested refunding his money then getting him to add the gift address and pay again does anyone know if thats possible? I know I can add a refund through Paypal but how do I request the money again - does he just go through checkout again or would it come up as saying already paid?
  7. ^^ I know you say he "seems" legit, but, personally, I would ship to the PP address on file and tell him that you will have to ship to the address on file at the time of the sale. I do not know about the refund, but I think you would then be at his mercy to pay again. I did have a buyer request this once, and when I told him I could not do this, he was actually fine with it. It just means that he may have to go somewhere to pick it up if he isn't home when a delivery attempt is made which I have to do all the time.
  8. Yes, I ask sellers and stuff about the address thing usually before I bid. I have some people agree and some people not. It's not a big deal if it's shipped to my house but it's just more convenient if it goes to my work so that's why I figured I'll ask and see if the seller is fine with it.

    That being said, I don't shop often on eBay (versus regular online retailers) and eBay is the only place I have this kind of issue, since regular retailers don't mind shipping anywhere.

    Stupid stinky scammers that ruin it for honest people!
  9. Don't do it - send to another address besides the confirmed PP one. This is an old scam and you will NOT be covered by PP or ebay or anyone!!!