Should I trust this auction

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  1. I saw an auction for a Nylon Prada Tote on Ebay. I bought it before asking a lot of questions. I did put it the auction in the authenticate this section of the Prada forum and was told that its too difficult to authenticate the Nylon Bags.

    I exchanged emails with the seller who told me that the bag was bought at Saks in NYC. I then realized that the seller actually has a consignment shop in NJ so I asked if the bag came from her personal collection or the shop. I was then told that her shop has been open for 18 years and is a reputable upscale designer consignment shop and that she does her best to authenticate every item. I was told that the bag came from a reliable consigner and that if I felt it was misrepresented I could return it.

    I had a nice Prada SA look at the photos from the auction (on my iPhone) and she said that something about the stitching and grommeting looked weird. She said that they don't authenticate and that with Nylon its almost impossible to tell.

    There were new pictured of the authenticity card but I was told it would be included.

    The weirdest part … the bag was shipped priority on Saturday. It said that it was expected to arrive on Tuesday … the bag is now in Ca.. It was shipped from NJ and I live in Vegas. It now says that it could arrive as late as the 27th. I emailed the seller to confirm she had my correct address and heard nothing back … :sad:

    I guess I have been screwed on ebay and am gun shy. The last Bag I bought was absolutely a fake and looked like it had been run over by a truck. Anyone have a gut feeling on this one.

    Seller has 114 positive feedback and seem to sell mostly clothing.
  2. Are you asking about the authenticity or the shipping?

    If it were me, I'd probably avoid anything that couldn't be authenticated. It might be okay, but I'd always have this question nagging at me that it might not either. Once / if it arrives, you might consider paying for an authentication (I'm not sure who does Prada) to set your mind at ease.

    In regard to shipping, if it doesn't show up you can always file INR.

  3. Is the seller Duet consignment in NJ? If so, they are very reputable. If you have doubts perhaps you can take additional pics and send to a third party authenticator. I'm sure one you submit more pics, they should be able to authenticate.
  4. Regarding shipping and the package taking the scenic route, that's not unusual nor concerning.

    As for authenticity, being in business "for 18 years" being "a reputable upscale designer consignment shop," doing "her best to authenticate every item," and getting it "from a reliable consigner" doesn't mean that an item is authentic.

    Many reputable consignment shops (including ebay ones) make mistakes and many consignors can either lie or don't know they have a fake.

    As a seller, doing her best to authenticate items isn't good enough. She needs to KNOW that an item is absolutely authentic or it cannot be listed at all.

    For an item that can't be authenticated by skilled authenticators, I would pass, especially since it's not as though you got it for a steal.

    Here's the authentication opinion where you asked about the bag from rakathriftavenue.

    If I were the buyer, when the bag arrives, I'd let the seller know that since authenticity can't be determined, you want to return it for a full refund.

    I don't know whether a professional authenticator might be able to authenticate it.
  5. Looking at their seller feedback history, they sell a lot of low to mid-range items; if it can't be authenticated here, I wouldn't trust that someone without much experience in reselling high-end designer would be able to authenticate.
  6. Thanks Ladies for your input …
    I have been on ebay for years and sort of jumped the gun on this and should have known better.

    That's my concern … that it really can't be authenticated and that she is just relying on someone who brought things to her shop to be honest. She did say that the bag was bought at Saks so unless a tag or receipt is included it will be going back.

    As far as the shipping goes I don't blame the seller … the post office can be a little wacky.
  7. The Prada nylon bags are notoriously hard to authenticate and I doubt "her best" is good enough to authenticate one. If you got a very good deal you might want to ask authenticate4u if they can authenticate it for you once it arrives and you can take the requested pics. It might be worth it.
  8. I actually got the bag today and beyond the question of authenticity wasn't happy with it as its smaller than the measurements listed and won't fit what I need to carry in it.
    It was supposed to be 16 inches long - thus a tote size and able to fit a laptop. It's more 13-24 and more of a handbag size so I will return it on that alone. It was also not quite in the condition I expected.

    I love Prada Nylon but I save my tags, receipts etc… so that If I ever need to sell them I can prove their authenticity. I bought a Prada Baby Bag today from Saks. I'll be paying for it for a while but at least I know its real and it hold my stuff.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  9. Ah well. That settles that. If I were you I'd tell her that these bags are especially hard to authenticate and she should get it authenticated professionally.
  10. Good idea.
  11. My first purchases on ebay were 2 new Prada leather bags from the same seller over 10 years ago. Shortly after receiving them I started suspecting that they were fake. I was not familiar with authentication services or TPF at that time :smile:. So I barely used them.

    My two cents, if you are not sure if the bag is authentic, do not buy it. There are many other bags on the market. Good luck with your decision.:smile: