Should I trust Poshmark Concierge?

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  1. I recently bought a speedy 25 monogram on Poshmark for $725. It comes with a dust bag, and "original receipt" date code was SD2104 but she said she bought it in Feb.2015. Anyways, if you are not familiar with Poshmark they authenticate items above $500. The seller is required to send the item at the Poshmark Headquarters first for review/authentication called concierge. Then if they determine that the item is authentic they will mail you the bag etc. My question is should I trust their concierge alone or should I get a paid authenticator to authenticate it again? I usually get my preloved items authenticated here if it's bought from ebay and sometimes caroldiva if the item I buy is from a friend. Have you had any experience with Poshmark concierge? Thank you for your input.
  2. I would get your own paid authenticator.
  3. Are you doubting that it is authentic? It could easily have a 2014 date code but have not been sold until 2015.
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  4. I haven't received the bag so I can't make the judgement just yet plus even if I have if they are the super fake it is really hard for me to tell because I am not in the position to where I can confidently authenticate an item especially with the super fake around it is hard to tell. The Poshmark concierge approved the bag saying it is authentic I just don't know if I should trust that. If I would get a paid authenticator should I hire the service of caroldiva or *****************? any experience? thanks for your time.
  5. How long poshmark took for authenticate your bag? I recently sold a balenciaga and is the second day they are with my bag for authentication! Im getting impatient as I really need the money!

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