Should I Treat The Vachetta

  1. Hi that we do not have the Search option in the forum anymore...I find it hard to look for this info. I have a brand new Manhattan GM and a Tivoli GM which I do not know if I should treat with Shinning Monkey. I've never used it so I'll like to get your opinions on it. I kind of like the light is super light right now and I understand that won't be the case forever...however, I would like to preserve them as clean as possible and as light as possible as long as I you think Shinning Monkey will help or not?

  2. Go to the louis vuitton FAQs and you will find I think all the info you need. I never treated my bags with anything...but I'm careful..I like vachetta to be dark but not too sweaty hands and god no rain...but that's vachetta...
    BTW beautiful bags you got there...please show us some pics...
  3. I wouldnt treat it!

    The beauty of a Monogram Vuitton bag, or any Vuitton bag with vachetta leather, is the ability to create your patina, naturally without any outside factors!

    Good Luck! Enjoy the bags!
  4. This information is posted in the Louis Vuitton FAQ section. Please reference that for more information.