Should I treat the inside of my bag?

  1. Ok, maybe this is a stupid question, but should I treat the inside of my bag? I have a suede ginger and I just treated it last night with the wilson's tlc suede and leather treatment. I only did the outside of the bag though. Do you ladies treat the inside of your bags too or just leave them alone? TIA!
  2. I have never treated the inside of my bag. The inside of Kooba is technically not your regular suede. It's called ultrasuede. I don't know that Wilsons would do harm but it may make it a little stiff. If your insides gets dirty you can pull the lining out and handwash it carefully and even Wilson's is probably not going to protect it from bigger stains such as busted ink pens or melted lipstick. I'd stick to just treating the outside of your bags.