Should I travel with an H bag to a hot, humid weather?

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  1. I have a trip coming up and am trying to decide if I should bring one of my H bags or if I should leave them at home and bring something else. I will be in Asia and the weather there will be hot and humid. How do H bags handle humid weathers? My bag choice is between a GP 30 or Lindy 26. My concern with GP is that it's a tote and barely fits over my shoulder. I like to have my hands free since traveling with luggage and kids can get a little crazy. Also, since it's country leather, it can get quite heavy after a while. The Lindy is swift and I'm concerned the leather may be too delicate for the travel. These bags are very expensive to me and I'd like to make sure I don't ruin it during my travel. My husband said to use them since it's meant to be used but I'm being a little anal and paranoid about my precious bags. Am I over thinking things? Any thoughts, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated!
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    Can you bring the Lindy in a Longchamp tote, or a tote like that? That might help protect it during the flight and the hard wear-and-tear moments. I think you should use your bags but if you are uncomfortable, leave at home. I make different decisions on different trips, so you can always just try it this once, and then if you don’t enjoy using it out of fear of damaging it, then leave at home from then on, or only use on shorter trips. Also I wouldn’t worry about the humidity so much for a short period of time. You might be mostly in AC anyway?
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  3. I travel to Asia every summer and always travel with H bags. Here's my Halzan in Bangkok on a water taxi with me 3 weeks ago. I place my H bags in a longchamp tote through airport security.
  4. Swift isn't that delicate IMO, I have a travel bag made from it.
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  5. Hermes bags are more durable than you can imagine. I believe there’s many people in Asia who live with H bags everyday and have no problem whatsoever( if you take care of the bags a bit).
    Humidity and hot weather are really not the problem especially when one is only traveling. However, rain is the thing you must be careful with if we are talking about some humid Asian countries....
    Just my two cents, i don’t think these 2 bags you mentioned are good for your travel. Reason being is GP: the issue you mentioned already and even with the snap closure it’s still not an super secure bag...
    Lindy: you mentioned kids and wanna be hands-free. That means you will be likely putting the Lindy on your shoulder.. I don’t own Lindy but as a shoulder bag I can’t imagine it being very easy to carry, get in and out.
    if you worry about the bags get damaged, like westcoastgal said, bring a waterproof foldable tote bag(i prefer this as I love traveling with my H babies)

    or leave them home, your joy and your families‘ should be the priority, a nice trip should be worry-free, isn’t it ?? :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. Thank you all for your inputs.

    westcoastgal, I don't have a Longchamp tote but I do have an envirosax tote that I can use if I bring my Lindy with me. I always keep an envirosax tote with me for groceries and what not so I'm never without one.

    ehy12, I have looked at the Halzan and it does look like a great travel bag. Unfortunately, I'm on ban island so I can't buy anymore for a while. I may look at some preloved shops in Japan when I'm there. :biggrin: What size is your bag?

    JY1217, I know my choices aren't the ideal bags for travel but I just thought I throw this out here to see what people think.

    I usually use carry a backpack and a handbag when I travel so the size of my handbag shouldn't be an issue. It's the convenience that I'm trying to figure out. I'd love to use my GP since it's durable but like you said, the security of it is not good with an open tote. Lindy can work since it's more secure and I'm not too worry about the shoulder strap. But the swift is so nice and soft and I don't want the humidity to make it all gross. Maybe I'm just being paranoid since I never travel with a very epxensive bag before. A crossbody is ideal so if I can't decide, I might just opt for a low key crossbody I have.
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  7. My Halazan is a 31. I think the minis are so cute but I travel with my kids and I usually need to pack a wee bit more because of that.
  8. I thunk swift should be oK in the humidity (but probably not the rain). What color is it, though? I always feel my hands are grubby in humid climates and therefore would be worried about dirtying a light coloured bag.
  9. Are you only visiting Japan or going to various countries? Is it a casual trip or will you be expected to dress up? For me, when I go to urban centres in South-east Asia, IndoChina and India, I use a lowkey shoulder bag or a crossbody. If I'm expecting rainy weather, I bring Longchamp or Cath Kidston bags which are water-resistant. I bring my better/leather handbags only if there is occasion to use them (a posh dinner or meeting business clients, for instance). There are some Asian cities I visit often where my friends there are always reminding me to keep my bag close to my body and on the side away from the street due to robbers on motorbikes who snatch bags. If you are travelling with kids and might be distracted by them, make it easier for yourself and take a bag that you won't fret over.
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  10. I would definitely use H bags if it’s just Japan but as above I feel that the above two bags are not great for sightseeing unless you carry a lot?
  11. Use your bags and enjoy them. Your Lindy would be a great travel bag, but take the advice of others and protect it on the plane ride.
  12. I agree that H bags are and meant to be used and more durable than you might think.
    However as you have concerns, don't spoil your exotic trip with anxiety and leave your Hermes bags at home.

    From a security point of view for a tourist an open bag like GP is asking to be pick-pocketed
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  13. I won't be in dangerous places, at least I don't think so. I'll be in Taiwan and Japan. As park56 has pointed out, I don't like the feeling of having clammy hands while holding my GP or Lindy bags in humid weather. So that's another reason I'm being hesitant about bring it with me. My Lindy is gold color so it might get dirty?
    ehy12, I like the halzan mini. It's very cute but probably won't fit a lot since I have to carry stuff for my kids too.
    xincinsi, the trip will be causal so I won't be dressing up. We will be hitting the night markets, eating, and shopping LOL. And lots of more shopping (window shopping that is).:giggle:

    Thank you ladies for all your input. If only I have the perfect bag for travel....Anyhow, I think I know what to do with my dilemma. :smile:
  14. Don't be naive; be cautious everywhere and be safe
  15. Humidity is generally more of a problem when bags are stored in an enclosed space, not when they are used.
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