Should I Trade??

  1. Dilemma!

    One of my younger sis' has been 'eye-ing' my Fuschia Perforated pochette accessoires that I recently purchased..and she's offered to trade her Batignolles Horizontal for it. I love both pieces although I think I would definitely use the Batignolles a whole lot more for like school and such...(once again, functionality and practicality)...what to do? Advice? Opinions?:smile:

    I mean, Im not really losing my perforated, per se, right? She is my sister after all, right??!? *nervous laugh* hehe :amuse:
  2. I don't have either one but I can say out of looking at them IRL, that the BH seems to be more functional and it seems like you'll get a lot more use of that one. Ask yourself if you can truly live w/o the perf accessory. How much would you put in both and how will each one suit your needs??

    Keep us posted on what you decide!
  3. I would take the BH. I like how functional it can be and the style is to die for!
  4. I guess it depends on if you have a larger shoulder bag already. If you do already, and need something for going out, I'd hang onto the pochette. But if you don't have a larger tote, I'd make that trade immediately !
  5. I decided to make the trade...I listened to what you ladies had to say..and I realized that I dont have a shoulder bag...only the speedys

    So I'm going to trade her for the perforated pochette since I also have the cerise pochette as consolation.

    Ill post pics if you want...
  6. I don't care for the perforated line very much . . . . but LOVE my BH!!!!
  7. I tried on the BH today and it felt so comfy under my, its got that really nice and even patina...
  8. Good choice. DEF the BH over the perforated pochette!
  9. I think my sis will definitely get more use out of the perforated also...she's a nursing student so she needed something small to carry around her necessities...and I think the BH was way too big for that.
  10. Congrats On Your BH!