Should I trade this bag?

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  1. Hi my loves. Quick question. I have a noir Birkin 30 in Epsom and my friend is offering to trade her noir Birkin 30 in Clemence. Should I accept the offer or should I keep my b30 Epsom?? Pls help [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]

    I uploaded a pic of my b30 Epsom

  4. You don't like your Epsom?

  5. This is really a personal preference. Although many ladies like Epsom, my first birkin in Epsom has been sold because I don't feel this leather ages well in time. This is coming from someone who prefers vintage leathers like box calf, Barenia, etc. And even I feel Courchevel is prettier than Epsom.

    However, I will not prefer Clemence on a birkin.

    Stick to what sings to you?

  6. I personally would prefer a B30 to be more rigid so would keep the Epsom....

  7. I was just in this situation however my Epsom Birkin was a 35. I sold it because I didn't like the feel of the leather or the size and I felt like it would damage easily....specifically the corners. I bought a Clemence B30 same color. (Rouge casaque) There is a definite difference in the color saturation. The Epsom was brighter which is prettier to me but I feel much more comfortable carrying the Clemence. The Epsom is there are pros and cons either way.
  8. I have a 35 in Epsom in black. Love it bc its rigid, holds its shape well, and is light.

    My 30 Togo is heavier and slouches more. But I love the size.

    Depends on your preference. Can't go wrong w either [emoji106]🏻
  9. YES!!!
    I would trade in a second because I much prefer clemence over epsom.
    In fact, last month I turned down a bag because the leather was Epsom although there are those who like it because it's light weight. Another pro for epsom is that it takes color beautifully but in this case, black doesn't really matter. Epsom is pressed leather and Hermes can use less perfect hides for this reason. It's personal preference but I prefer a natural looking leather that can age beautifully. If yuo don;t like the slouch, you can always use a bag insert for more structure.

  10. I would definitely swap. I hate Epsom. To me, it looks cheap unless it is a K sellier, or K cut or pouchette. Otherwise for B and retourne K, clemence is nice and soft and luscious looking.
  11. I am not a big fan of Epsom, but Clemence is definitely heavier. Will your friend let you carry the Clemence for a day to see for yourself?
  12. I agree! I saw two RC Kelly bags, one in Togo and one in Epsom. The Epsom one was so much more brighter and really took on the color so richly, it was stunning. The Togo one was beautiful too but the color was absolutely not as rich and deep as the Epsom.
  13. I like Epsom in the 30 size, it keeps its shape beautifully!
  14. Switch them for a day and see how you both feel.
  15. I am not a fan of Epsom either. What year is the Clemence? My older Clemence were/are phenomenal and are quite black, more than Togo.

    However, Clemence is heavier by a little. In a 30 it won't slouch a lot. I would personally choose a Clemence over Epsom in a bag bigger than a pochette.
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