Should I trade my rose jaipur ghw birkin for vert veronese?


Oct 20, 2007
No brainer....yes! VV is one of my favorites!

Raisin is another neutral that is not black. I love raisin.
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Jan 17, 2009
i would trade i love the deep greens where as pink i just ........... dont understand love but dont understand


Apr 20, 2013
I would never carry a pink bag myself, I'm not that colourful, but deeper hues of colour like VV I'd kill for any day! If this is a bag that works with your wardrobe and likely then also your complexion, I say it's destined you become a owner of green at some point in life, you might as well do it sooner rather than later.


Because yay!
Mar 2, 2012
I love love love RJ in Clemence, but not totally in love with it in Epsom.

Since you already have a RC you don't carry, I would go for Etain, Etoupe, Graphite, Black, Gris T, Gris Perle.

Caveat: Vert Veronese doesn't work for my skin tone, but maybe it does for you and it will seem more neutral than it does on me?


Apr 20, 2008
Beaches Galore
yes i would trade in an instant!!! i'm not a pink person and am more comfortable with dark neutrals. through a reseller i declined a capucine kelly. good thing a canopee came along now all i do is sigh when i take it out of the bag and just stare at it.

pics when you get it please!


Aug 15, 2013
u seem to be tempted by bright colors only to discover it is difficult to carry them (my problem too) so the solution that could accomodate your love would include rouge garance and possibly some neutral blue like blue saphire. actually orange is a bright colour that is easy to match, it is not considered H neutral for nothing after all!
Military green i personally like but not to the extent to buy an H bag in it.
rose jaipur would be impossible for me to carry.


Jan 15, 2007
Not long ago I traded a graphite box Kelly for a bouganvillier bolide which was brand new, never used. I have always yearned for a bouggie Kelly but beggars cannot be choosers. I know a lot of folks here love box but it rarely left the house because it was too easy to scratch. It was a no brainer decision. The same should be true for you.

Go with what your instinct tells you. If I had asked whether I should trade the Kelly box, I bet the majority would have said keep it. What's the point of keeping something you aren't going to use?

I am not locked into neutrals over brighter colors or vice versa. A punch of color equates to happiness and gives life to a wardrobe that is more subdued from a color perspective. The purse collection is a mix of neutrals and pops of color. I feel blessed to have the luxury to choose given the mood and outfit du jour. Btw, I love the neutral greens. Reminds me of nature.