Should I trade my mini spy for a Jimmy Choo?

  1. Since the huge JC Ramona trend has ended, I have finally fallen in love with Jimmy Choo purses- and I've fallen hard! Now I'm obsessed with the Ramona and the Radiant with motorcycle leather. If I could have my dream bag, it would be the radiant in burgundy, but coming across that one within by budget would require quite some patience!

    Right now there are two on eBay I'm trying to decide between- a black radiant and a burgundy ramona. I love the black radiant because it will go with almost anything, is black so I don't have to worry too much about it getting dirty, and it has side pockets- a big plus BUT it's black so it doesn't pack the same punch. I love the Ramona because the straps are longer and the color is TDF!!! While I do have a bunch of black Chanels, I don't have anything like the radiant and I don't have any burgundy or red bags.

    With price being no issue I would probably get the burgundy Ramona ($1300), but price is an issue and I *might* be able to pick up the Radiant ($1000) for less than the seller is asking. Either way, if I go for it I'd need to sell one of my bags to help fund the purchase- either a Chanel or my tobacco and zucca mini spy.

    Do you think either bag is worth the sacrifice? Which one do you think I should go for?

    black radiant pic from eBay. burgundy ramona pic from TPF posted by the very lucky stinam!
  2. I like the red with the snakeskin detail!! :drool::drool:
  3. I know! The snakeskin really pops on the red one. I'm afraid it's too hard to see on the black one...of course that might make it more timeless....ahhhh I don't know which to pick!
  4. I would go for the red one. Red will go perfectly with all kinds of outfits, and it will show it details so well. Love it!
  5. I love the way it pops on the red. I think you should go for it! It's a SEXY color!! :yahoo:
  6. i vote red, you said you already have lots of black bags, maybe the red is worth the wait because it is so unique!
  7. Definitely!!
  8. wow the red one is gorgeous!
  9. I agree, the red one is HOT!!

  10. I don't like the size of the radiant. I've always been a fan of the Ramona. :yes: It's worth the price difference IMO.
  11. Thanks so much for the input! You're right, the black one is just kind of another black bag, but the red one is a stand out beauty. Red it will be! I think I'm going to try to be patient for once in my life though and try to find a better bargain on one since they aren't super hot anymore. Thanks again!