Should I trade in my Speedy for a Phillip Lim Medium Pashli?

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  1. Hi everyone! I purchased a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in damier ebene last May, and I like it but I'm not loving it. I think it's a great bag, but I'm not crazy about the damier ebene canvas.

    I need a good every day bag that's not too flashy (I really don't like to carry my high end designer bags to work) and easy to maintain (can be carried in rain, doesn't easily scuff, etc.).

    I can across the medium Phillip Lim pashli and really like the bag. I was thinking about trading in my Speedy for a medium Pashli, but I'm worried I'll regret it. I'd love to hear your opinions on the bag and what you think I should do!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I wouldn't, but I'm biased. I love my Damier Ebene Speedy 30. I sold mine and was so sorry I did that I bought a new one.
  3. I am biased too. I love my Speedy and I would never trade it for another bag.
    If there is one bag that everyone should have in their collection, it's the Speedy...
    No wonder it has been a success for decades and decades!
  4. I don't have a Speedy but I do have a Pashli. The material is great, super hardy as you indicated. However I find the closure on the flap beyond irritating, FYI. Just smthg to consider.
  5. I would also not do it, I have the de Speedy and I have looked at a Pashli and as much as I love it I would not trade my Speedy for it. Have you looked at the Coach Bourghbouh (I totally spelt that wrong...) bag? It is not flashy at all and looks like it would be a great work bag! Plus its less than a Pashli.
  6. Thank you ladies! I'm glad I asked. You've given me a lot to think about. :smile:
  7. I wouldn't do it. I don't think it's worth it. If you wanna trade your Speedy to non-flashy bag have a look at Max Mara bags. Good quality, same price level as the Speedy and made in Italy.
  8. I wouldn't coz I'm biased too, I like de speedy much more
  9. I have both, I'd not trade the speedy. I feel that the speedy is a great every day bag, does fine in all weather and is light. If I had to pick one I'd keep the speedy. However unlike the post above I don't find the pashli closure hard or irritating at all. Have never had a problem doing it up. I have both large and medium in the pashli and both are fine... But heavier than the speedy..much heavier.
  10. I don't have either one. I would go for the Pashli. It's cute and you don't see it coming and going.
    Just an outsider's opinion.
  11. Yay! One vote for the Pashli! Thanks for your thoughts! :smile:
  12. I was really hoping to hear from someone who has both, so thank you for commenting! I may just need to keep the speedy and save for the pashli!
  13. My Speedy (Mono) is one of the bags in my collection that I would never trade or sell. It's just such an awesome classic, but I've always loved it.

    I would just really think it through because you are the one who needs to love it, if you feel you will enjoy & get more use out of the Pashli then I think you should do it. No sense in holding on to a bag you just feel "eh" about when you can have one you truly desire. Just make sure you really think it through to be sure & then you'll have no regrets & happiness all around :smile: GL
  14. I consider the Pashli to be a trendy bag whereas the Speedy is a classic. If you aren't totally in love with it, can you figure out why?

    I honestly don't find the Speedy as appealing as the Pashli. Sometimes it is nice to carry a bag that not everybody has.

    I have a mini Pashli and I love it!!
  15. Putting use aside, each bag connotes something different and you touched upon this in your first post. Sorry for the following generalizations...Are you the LV 'type'? Are you understated? Polished? Modern?

    I have both and I use my Pashli more than my speedy/other LV because my taste have completely changed. If that's how you're feeling, I'd consider the Pashli. It's a sharp bag, especially in the darker colors. At the very least, consider buying off Ebay and holding onto the speedy for the time being. The later will retain it's value better than any Phillip Lim.