should i trade in my ripped cornflower shrug for a cornflower city?

  1. Ok guys, here is the dilemma. As you know, I purchased 2 shrugs from Shirise for 50% off. I found a small rip in the cornflower first I thought I'll just keep it (because I love it so much), try to repair the rip, and also try to get a small partial refund or something from Shirise. However, now I'm thinking that since I have 2 shrugs, I could technically give the cornflower blue one up and perhaps get a cornflower blue city.

    My current b-bag collection include a skyblue day, an ink shrug, and this cornflower shrug with a rip. Would a city make it a nicer collection?

    What do you think? I guess I don't even know yet if I can return the ripped shrug (still waiting to talk to Brandi on monday). And also a city will cost me ALOT MORE!!!!!! :yucky: AND I don't even know if I can find a cornflower city for a decent price. There's one on ebay right now for like $1300!!!!
  2. I suggest taking the shrug to a few shoe/leather repair places over the weekend to see what the prognosis is for repair. If they think they can fix the rip without it being noticable, I might stick with the shrug since it was such a great buy (perhaps you could get an additional discount from Shirise?). If the rip is going to be a problem and affect the weight capacity of the bag, I'd definitely return it. There's no point in keeping a bag that will not hold up due to a defect. Imagine how you'd feel if the rip grew bigger over time!

    If you keep the shrug, you can always add a city to your collection in one of the new fall colors. If the shrug can't be repaired you can upgrade to the cornflower city. I think someone recently posted that Bal NY still had one in stock, so you can give them a call. At least you wouldn't have to pay over retail.

    Good luck!
  3. see what Shirise can do for you first. they may be able to get you a new one... or something comparable!

    but then if it doesnt work out- def try the cornflower city!
  4. hmmm, if i purchase from balNY do i have to pay tax since I live in CA?

    yea, i'll see what Shirise can do first. thanks for all your comments, they really really help!
  5. Yes, see what Shirise can do first. I believe someone here received a replacement bag from Shirise that Brandy got from BalNy or from the Bal warehouse itself? See if Brandy can do that for you if Shirise doesn't have anymore in their store stock.
  6. sounds like a plan. maybe she can get me a brand new one from somewhere....crossing my fingers.
  7. Hi Didi! No, if you live in CA the store won't charge you tax. Good luck!
  8. Yup, this is true--just 15 for shipping. :smile:
  9. :yes: i agree with what valerieb has said! good luck!!! :amuse:
  10. yay! no tax! LOVELY! i'll call balny after I find out more from shirise on monday. but what if the cornflower city is no longer there!?!!!!!
  11. Didi- not real sure where you live in CA but the Neiman Marcus in San Diego had a cornflower city. You will have to pay taxes, but maybe if you live close enough you could swing by and pick it up.
  12. thank you lelgin! i'm really not going to worry about it until I hear from shirise. otherwise, i'll get way too anxious!