Should I tell him the truth or surprise him???

  1. I don't know what to do....

    I was planning to surprise my DH. About 2 months ago Virgin America was running an AMAZING special on airline tickets. I bought 2 tickets from Los Angeles to San Francisco for $75 roundtrip total for both of us.

    Here is what I had planed to do. I was going to ask my friend to "ask us to take her to the airport". Once we got there, I was going to have her ask my DH for help taking her suitcase out of the car and at that point have her just drive off leaving us standing there. And then telling him that we are going away. Perfect plan!!!!

    Now here is where my problem is... a few days after I bought the tickets and prepaid the hotel room my DH was informed that they are having a huge inspection at the Animal Hospital he works at. The trip is 3 days before the inspection. He has worked every weekend and every night at home on stuff for the inspection. He has been so freaked out about it since he is in charge of it. So I don't know if I should just go ahead and tell him and give him the option of canceling or just go ahead with the surprise as planned.

    I was also thinking about having my friend say she is having a party that day and seeing how he reacts to the thought of not being able to work the weekend before the inspection.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO????????
  2. I would tell him. A few years ago, I did a similar thing for DH to Vegas for his birthday, I had it planned out with his secretary....about a week before the trip someone spilled the beans, I was so mad....

    but then he said he was so glad he knew, it let him prepare for the trip, so he could really enjoy it. He said if I would have sprang it on him, he would have been 'freaked out' the whole trip, wondering about this or that.

    It will still be a surprise when you tell him...and maybe something to look forward to while he is working so hard now.
  3. DON'T tell him the particulars. Just tell him he needs to be free that weekend...
  4. I would try to keep it a secret still... see if you can ask if he can be free that weekend. Make something else up and see how he handles it. If he doesn't handle it well, then you should tell him. If he says great, then keep your secret going!!

    This is such a nice idea- I love it! Let us know what you decide and how it goes!
  5. oh, keep it a secret!! do as megs and article said and ask him if it's ok for him to be free...

    and tell us how it goes!! that's soooooo sweet of you.
  6. I agree with the need to give some indication that he will be busy on those days. You can make something up if you don't want to spill the entire beans, but since it is such an important inspection and has to do with his career you don't want to mess things up for him.

    I am a very type A person and my husband throws me surprises all the time. They freak me out, not make me happy. We end up fighting about it and it is sad because he's trying to do a good thing but I need to be prepared and be in control.

    By the way, you're wonderful for doing such a great thing for him. Hope the two of you are able to go and have fun.
  7. UPDATE:

    Well I was able to keep a secret for I think the first time in my life. He was VERY surprised and we had a great time.

    He had no clue until my friend drove off.
  8. That is such a lovely gesture! Glad you kept the secret and had a great time!!!
  9. Glad to hear you pulled it off and had a great time! I dont think I would have been able to pull it off, did he mind not being able to work before the inspection?
  10. So glad you pulled it off, I know how hard you worked to keep it a secret!
  11. what a fun surprise!!!! I bet when you're friend pulled off he was like :nuts::confused1:
  12. oh~ i'm so glad everything worked out!!!
  13. That's great, I was actually gonna say tell him so good job I didn't read this thread when you were asking for opinions.
    Did the inspection go ok?
  14. Wow I would have freaked if someone did this to me. Your DH sounds like a very laid back guy.
  15. Great, I'm glad you pulled it off! Did you have a good time?