Should I tell her?

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  1. My manager and I talk about Coach all the time. I always have a different bag and we always look at the catalogs together. Well she decided that she wants to bring my friend and I up to a flea market to buy Coach. She believes that the bags at the flea markets are real. I know she has bought bags from there before but I can't buy a bag from there!!!! What should I do? Should I tell herthey are fake? You can tell from a mile away that some of her bags are fake but I can't tell her that. She would be so upset. And also a guy a work with (God help him!) thinks that the bags are real because he says the people steal them and then sell them cheap. Why???? Some men just need to worry about their toys and let us worry about our accessories. But yes this is my dilema. Should I tell my manager her bags are fake or let her keep thinking that they are real? I do not want to hurt this girl cuz I love her to death but I CANNOT go to a flea market and hold in my puke! :throwup: Ehhh why fakes??? Why?????? :cursing:
  2. Tell her very gently.
  3. I agree to tell her. I would avoid directly pointing out that a specific bag of hers is fake, but I would point out the reality of fakes to her. Better you than someone else!
  4. u r really btwn a rock and a hard place. i just dont understand y people think theat a bag the retails for $300 is suddendly $30 at the flea market, 100% auth, no catch. i mean, in life u get what u pay for.
  5. You need to tell her. But, can you "play dumb" about it? Tell her that you were reading some articles on the internet about fake bags being sold at flea markets and tell her that you are concerned about it. Maybe act like you are surprised and shocked by it? Here are a couple of articles you could show her:

    Just an idea, you know? Seems like an innocent way to bring up the issue of fakes so that nobody feels stupid. :shrugs:

    BTW, I just googled "flea market handbags" - if you don't like these articles I am sure you could find more.
  6. I think this is a good idea. It's a way that you can go about it and not come across as snobby or anything. It's hard to say "Um...your bag is fake" even in the most concerned way without sounding kind of pretentious :sad:
  7. What I would do is go to the flea market with her, and before you get to the "authentic coach" booth I would be like "omg did you see that bag right there? Look how fake that is! I mean I HEARD that flea markets sold fake bags but I wasn't sure! Blah blah blah blah...etc"

    And you can use those articles to back it up too. But yeah I would break it to her lightly. She really should know.
  8. Thats a really good idea. I just have to find the right time...:sad: poor thing
  9. Thank you everyone for your great ideas. I really appreciate everyones help!
  10. That first article had it right accept that Coach IS made in China ! oh why oh why. Anyway, can you just tell her that you are fundamentally against crime and general and since buying this merchandise is illegal that you don't want to get in trouble and would rather buy from an authorized dealer to avoid problems. I know it is a tricky situation
  11. I couldnt say that cuz she would laugh right in my face. She is immature and a goof so she would be like "What? Get a life and buy a bag with me you beyotch" lol I think if we ever end up going I'll let her know then. I'll point out how I know they are fake and teach her so she knows whats real and whats fake in the future.
  12. does she have the authority to fire you? lol. ummm, i would be very careful how you tell her. this is my rule, if i am friends with a person w/ a counterfeit bag, i usually will not say anything, unless they ask me. then i will tell them very nicely. however, if i do not like them, i will be a b***h and be like, WTF are you wearing? lol, ive only done that like once.....or twice that i can recall. hahaha..... but in all honesty, id probably just let her keep thinking it is real, sometimes it doesnt matter how much you tell the person, they are going to believe what they want to believe. heck, some people think my BALENCIAGA is walmart. which makes me sad, but im like whatever.
  13. I don't understand how anyone could not tell that those things are fake. She would have to know, there is no way that anyone could think that they could buy a $300 dollar bag for $30 dollars ! I don't think she cares, most people who don't care about the quality, only the "label" wouldn't pay full price for a real bag anyway so I doubt she will even care. I would be horrified if I were at one of these flea markets and there was a sting operation right there and then, it would be scary and embarrasing !
  14. No they are DEFINITELY fake!
    I would definitely tell her. Fakes are so embarrassing. You're saving her from embarrassment lol
    Tell her you have a Coach eye and point out the reasons they are fake.
  15. You should tell her in nice ways ^-^