Should I Tell her?

  1. I have a friend that recently went to one of those "Purse Parties". She came home with a hideous fake large black Carly :yucky:, wristlet and wallet. She paid about $150 for everything. She knows I own a few coach pieces and has commented on how she loves them and would love to own one but she can't afford them.

    So, she goes to this purse party and was told by this women that they're real coach bags, but because the brass detailing that has the word coach was printed off center, coach won't sell it and somehow this women got a hold of them. :sad:

    She was so happy. I just congratulated her and left it at that.

    Should I have told her the truth? Would you? I was thinking about telling her that I just learned about fakes and I wanted to tell her about it because I think her bag might be a fake...
  2. I would be honest with her and tell her that she has fakes. Have her make the woman give her a refund or threaten to report her, then tell your friend that you will go shopping with her at an outlet and find something perfect for her in her 150 range..
  3. hhmmm that's tricky.. but honestly, if she thinks and was told it is real, Yes, I think you should tell her.. that is crazy to spend that kind of money on a foach! what a joke. I would want someone to tell me, even though it might be a little embarassing. Good Luck! :yes:
  4. This is so hard. You don't want to hurt your friend's feelings, but, then again, you don't want her to be embarrassed if someone else points it out to her. Also, what if she decides to sell the set once she is tired of it? They may end up on eBay and she may be tagged as a seller of fakes. It could be worse down the road for her *if* she sincerely thinks her loot is real.
  5. i think i would tell her, the woman selling the bags lied to her. maybe if she knew she was sold a fake she would contact the lady and get her money back.
  6. I think you should find a tactful way to tell her about fakes. We forget sometimes that the majority of people outside of this forum are unaware that this kind of thing is going on. If she isn't informed, she may be showing you her new fake Gucci or LV next week.
  7. I would tell her. I agree with the first responder that she could find something at an outlet in the $150 range.
  8. I can always find something in that price range at the outlet and your friend can have the true "high" that WE all know and experience by having the real deal.
  9. Be a good friend and tell her the truth, she might not be happy but at least she knows she'll be sporting a fake Coach!
  10. Tell her. If it were me, I'd want to be told. I'd be so embarrassed to be carrying a fake. She needs to know so she can get her money back.
  11. I agree you should tell her- how you tell her depends on your friend and your relationship with her. Maybe add in that you want her to have the real experience of it? There was nothing like that first time I watched them wrap up my bag at the counter... and opening it when I got home! Its like a present every time. (Especially when you ask for a gift box teehee).
  12. I agree with telling her. I too would want to be told....especially by my friend and not some body else. It will save her the embarrassment of hearing it at the office or a party. The issue is does she really believe that it is real? Then by all means she needs to know. The truth is always better...even better coming from a friend!!!!:heart:
  13. This is a delicate situation, but if she were my friend, I would tell her...gently.

    Tell her for the right reasons: Because you won't allow her to be lied to by this fake peddler, and god forbid, buy from her again; because she should get her money back; and because you don't want her to be embarrased by someone laughing at her bag in public. You can most certainly help her find something lovely and authentic at an outlet or on eBay in the $150 range.
  14. You should tell her the truth...In fact you could bring the bag into a coach store and they would tell her.
    I would take her to an outlet or a department store. Macy's had some cool coach stuff on sale earlier in the week.
  15. yeah i'd definitely tell her the truth. lols what's funny is, recently i just saw a friend of mine. She was carrying a "Coach" bag. I kept looking at it and she probably noticed. Out of nowhere, i was like, is that a real Coach bag? She was kind of ashamed but she was like "no." God, thank GOD she knew! i mean, it might be less awkward if you tried to explain that it s a fake to her in some other way.