should i 'tan' the vachetta? or let it naturally happen?

  1. mine are brand spanking new, and so it's lily-white. lol :P

    browsing here... it seems you ladies like to speed up the patina process by laying it in the sun for a while? is it too 'LV newbie' to leave mine pale? (i AM an LV newbie, btw. lol)
  2. Just let it be and enjoy the bag! Don't get too obsessed!;) Just use it use it use it!!!:yes:
  3. I just got the handles replaced on my speedy - picked it up last night, so the handles are a little lighter then the piping. My speedy spent 2 hours in the tanning bed today with towels covering the piping and probably will do that daily for about a week!
  4. i just let it tan naturally.i've been wanting to set it out in the sun but havent gotten the time. :smile:
  5. Just like Irene said. That's the way I am with my Mono Speedy 30.
  6. oh? how much did that cost? how long did that take(replacing handles)?
  7. do it naturally. it's fun to see its progression!
  8. when i got my PH i tanned it...

    i think it depends on if you like the new vachetta look, or do you like it a little darker. i like a bit of patina, which is why i tanned mine.
  9. I let time take it's course and tan the handles naturally ;)
  10. anyone know how long it takes for a little tanning to naturally take place (with regular use)??
  11. I hate white vachetta - I always tan my new bags.
  12. Definitely let it tan naturally. It will do it in time..besides, it's interesting to watch the changes it goes through. After a few weeks it'll get a bit darker and keep going from there. It's not a quick process but why rush?
  13. i'll prefer to let it tan naturally. i love the look of naked vachetta. lol
  14. I love the naked vachetta infact I wish it would stay that way :smile: .I use them and watch them do their own thing :upsidedown: .
  15. I prefer the super pale vachetta.. but I also like how it tans as we develop a more longer and loving relationship. :graucho:
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